Fan Mail Questions About Shawn Ostrow

(above) Strowboat Hockey: Coming to a college rink near you soon
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Q: Why does Coach Gwozdecky continue to pair Shawn Ostrow with forwards who can't get him the puck in a position to score?
Don Cherry [Kingston, Ontario]

DG: Coach Gwozdecky is basically in a no-win situation here.  Strowbeaut is so talented - he even intimidates his linemates.  They fear his quick temper and start gripping their sticks.  Before long they're missing his wide open looks and backdoor moves to the goal.

Q: Why doesn't the DU coaching staff emphasize a more physical brand of hockey that would compliment Shawn Ostrow's abilty to play smash-mouth hockey?
Reggie Dunlop [Charlestown, PA]

DG: WCHA refereeing, being what it is these days, isn't suited to handle "Strowboat Hockey." You saw the calls last weekend against Mankato. Ostrow would be in the penalty box half the game.

Q:  Why won't Gwozdecky surround S. Ostrow with elite NHL bound players?
Brett Sutter [Calgary, Alberta]

DG: Clearly Ostrow makes everyone around him better.  The last thing the DU coaches want are NHL scouts over-hyping their draftees. Ostrow would be padding their stats with easy goals and assists.

Q:  Should DU players intentionally take more penalties to get Shawn Ostrow more ice time on the Penalty Kill Unit?
Tiger Williams [Weyburn, Saskatchewan]

DG:  Only if DU is trailing in the game.  Obviously Strowboat can score at will shorthanded, but wearing him out early in the game is asking for trouble.

Q: Why doesn't Mike Chambers write more articles about Shawn Ostrow?
Terry Frei [Denver, CO]

DG:  The coaches and Erich Bacher have a "gag order" on Ostrow.  They won't let him talk to the press or the Root Sports reporter between periods.  Not sure what the problem is.

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