New S. Ostrow Format Nets 20% Readership Gain

(above) Not only is readership up 20% in the USA, but the Western Canadian numbers are through the roof


Anonymous said...

This is dumb. I'll check back when this Ostrow nonsense I'd over.

Anonymous said...

I honestly thought the blog got hacked...this is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Anon x 2 with no sense of humor at all.

Anonymous said...

Get a Grip and have some FUN with Life People. Life is too short loosen up people!

Anonymous said...

Seriously. Ostrow had easily the game of his DU life so far.

All the other guys with big individual efforts on Saturday (Makowski, D Shore, Bennett [before being tossed], LaLeggia...) all have done it before and/or will do it again...Ostrow may not --or maybe he will-- so to celebrate his momentous night is very much deserved.

dggoddard said...

I think Shawn is ready to break out and become a real nice player for DU. Don't forget he finished last season very strongly.

He had the big GWG against Minnesota State in the 1st WCHA playoff game and then had the GWG assist against Bemidji at the WCHA Final 5 on a real nice play & pass.

With linemate Dusty Jackson clearing space for a quick puck handler like Ostrow, Shawn's going to get time for some good looks at the net.

If DU can get 10g & 10a from Ostrow they are going to be in real good shape. Lets see how he does this weekend after a fun week at practice.