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Head Coach George Gwozdecky (@CoachGwoz)

Beau Bennett (@BeauBennett78)

Wade Bennett (@Wade_Bennett24)

Sam Brittain (@sambrittain1)

Nate Dewhurst (@DuHast37)

Josiah Didier (@jdidier52)

Daniel Doremus (@dan_doremus)

Zack Hope (@zhope30)

Larkin Jacobson (@Ljaco26)

Joey LaLeggia (@JLeggy21)

Zac Larraza (@zaclarraza16)

Ty Loney (@tyyourshoe)

Scott Mayfield (@scottmayfield2)

John Ryder (@RohnJyder)

Luke Salazar (@Goalczar18)

Drew Shore (@drew_shore15)

Nick Shore (@nshore23)

Matt Tabrum (@HewTabrum14)

Jason Zucker (@jasonzucker17)


Anonymous said...

This is a good idea by DU to promote Twitter feeds, but I hope they've given the guys some guidelines on what shouldn't be in the twitter feeds - such as not slagging opponents, not slagging the school, classes or professors, not talking about sex, hookups, drinking, gambling or bad language, bad spelling, etc.

These guys aren't in high school anymore, and they represent DU to the world.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:52:

As an FYI, all DU student athletes are required to attend a "Social Media Seminar", where such issues are discussed in very "black and white" terms.

This doesn't mean that none of them will EVER post an ill-advised tweet or facebook message (they are, after all, 18-23 year olds). But, they have been made aware of the potential ramifications of putting the wrong thing out there in cyber-land.

dggoddard said...

Interesting about the "Social Media Seminar." I learn something new every day reading this blog. :-)

Anonymous said...

we should have had mexico attend that seminar.