DU Alumni Event In Boston Tonight

Don't forget the pregame event in Boston tonight for alums in New England who are attending the DU hockey games this weekend. The DU Alumni Association is hosting pregame drinks & hors d'oeuvres on October 14. Almost 100 people have already signed up.

Game ticket info is also available on the DU Alumni website.

DU Alumni Event In Boston
Friday, October 14 
Union Street Restaurant [5:00 to 7:30 pm]
107 Rear Union Street


mexico said...

I had the Shore parents in my section at the game last night (CC vs USA). I wanted to go over and say hi but didn't think they would appreciate my company.

Anonymous said...

No one appreciates your company, homeboy.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind mexico's company.

Go get me a beer, mexico.
Go get me some nachos, mexico.
Go get my wife a beer, mexico.
Go get us some popcorn, mexico.

dggoddard said...

Based on what we saw in exhibition play, the likely DU Lineup in Boston:

Zucker - D Shore - Salazar
B Bennett - N Shore - Doremus
Jackson - Dewhurst - Larraza
Mermis - S Ostrow

Phillips - Makowski
Didier - Mayfield
Ryder - Lee


Wouldn't be surprised to see Larraza promoted to the 2nd line at some point based on his play Friday night.

DU will go with 7 Dmen and 11 forwards until further notice. Look for Zucker to pull some double shifts with the fourth line.

If Knowlton is out of the doghouse, I'd guess he'd be traveling along with Loney. Otherwise it will be Jacobson, Olszewski or W Bennett.

miller said...

Hopefully we will have some word today on the extent of Murray's "minor injury" status.

I watched Mayfield Sat night. It seems like he took a couple of dumb penalties, perhaps a result trying to hard to impress the coaches.