Part III: Jesse Martin Returns To The Ice

Denver Post reporters Terry Frei and Mike Chambers third and final installment chronicling the current status of college hockey standout Jesse Martin following a life-threatening injury [read article].


dggoddard said...

An excellent series of articles that you just don't see anymore in newspapers. Wouldn't surprise me if the writers receive some awards or recognition.

Continued best wishes to Jesse and his family.

miller said...

I appreciate their attention to detail. It really put this accident into a new perspective for me. I have a tremendous respect for Jesse and his family.

It was a difficult situation for all parties. We all wish Jesse all the best, you will serve as an inspiration to all of us.

Anonymous said...

Not as many comments here without the DU-Martin family "controversial" relationship at issue! Interesting that Jesse even says in this article that he almost certainly would not have been able to play in the 2011/2012 season--he just wanted DU to keep the invite open until he knew for sure. This really dilutes the whole controversy that was dealt with in the first two articles! In any case...great to see that Jesse graduated. Hopefully he'll come back to DU for his masters. You gotta strike on the education while the iron's hot--it's tougher to go back to school, the longer you've been out.

old pio said...

I say this with the ultimate respect for both of the principle parties: If Jesse can come to terms in his mind and heart with Brad Malone, ultimately he'll do the same with Gwoz.

Anonymous said...

I like Jesse Martin and am happy he is doing so well. That said, and maybe it is just me, but I think the Martin's threw Gwoz under the bus in this article. Or maybe that should be attributed to Chambers and Frei. So they would not hold out a roster spot for Jesse on the 1% chance he would get Dr. release to play at the D1 or Pro level by Fall? Seriously? The liability issue aside - the fact remains that he still does not have clearance to play at this level. Even if he did get the release, would he have been in hockey condition to play? He needs to remember that there is no sentimentality in sports. Does anyone think that a pro team would give him those kind of assurances that he expected from DU? And he blames Gwoz for not exploring all the medical options that were open to him? Is that really Gwoz's job? I liked reading about Jesse, but I wonder what Gowz is thinking after reading this? I thought those cheap shots were bush league by the Martin's, Chambers, and Frei. But, again, maybe it is just me.

dggoddard said...

Sure, DU & Gwozdecky were "thrown under the bus" in the articles.

That being said, there's always room for improvement with the benefit of hindsight. Lets use this situation as a teachable moment and take the criticisms with humility.

No one is going to argue that DU did everything in its power to help Jesse emotionally, physically and mentally. And yet mis-steps were alleged by the family.

DU's branding motto is "Start from a higher place." In this case DU should take the high road and make sure that when athletes are injured in the future, the student and family feels that DU did everything right.

The only thing that really matters in this case is Jesse's continued recovery.

Anonymous said...

I think all parties were moving into uncharted territory with this type of injury, and mistakes come on all sides with the new territory.

Lessons Learned:

DU: Do everything you can for the injured athlete without exposing the school to legal action. Offer as much education to the player as possible as moral compensation for his pro aspitations derailed with your school name on the jersey.

Coaches: Act with speed, sensitivity, openess and as much transparency as possible without exposing the program to damage. Help journalists rather than stonewalling them. Understand the terrible sense of loss suffered by the player and his family.

Injured Player Families: Put your energy into your athlete's recovery towards a normal life. Understand the pressure that the school and program is under,and don't be surprised if the answer you want isn't the answer you get - the problem is here bigger than just your player and the coach and school isn't being diloyal to you if they are protecting their interests as vociferously as you protect yours.

Journalists: Understand that these human beings are all working in uncharted territory where mistakes are bound to happen. Think about the damage to people that you might cause balanced by the public's right to know and the your own fame in doing such such a large journalism project.

Fans: Always try to see understand sides of the story. And keep supporting everyone.