Photos: Friday Night Fun In Beantown

(above) DU gathers around Adam Murray before the Boston College game
(above) PioNation fans enjoying the upset vistory
(above) DU Supermom Barb Thomas hugs Boone after her son, Matty Thomas, won his first game as a DU assistant coach
(above) Goach Gwozdecky gets on the bus at Conte Forum after a hard fought victory
(above) Boone pours a post-game Guinness at River Gods Bar in Cambridge
all photos: Andrew Fielding

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Anonymous said...

Great to see Boone at BC and BU.

He got on the jumbotron, interacted with both the BC and BU mascots, invaded the student sections and made a lot of kids happy.

He also took pictures with officials from the different schools, and earned a lot of respect for coming out East.