Columbia's AD Forced To Reverse Course

(above) DU's former AD Dianne Murphy learned a valuable lesson about free speech this week
by Mike Mazzeo

NEW YORK -- The Columbia University marching band will be able to participate in Saturday's home finale against Brown, the athletic department announced Thursday night.

The marching band had been banned from performing Saturday after poking fun at the winless football team following a 62-41 defeat last weekend at Cornell.  Columbia is 0-9 this season, 0-6 in the Ivy League. 

Columbia athletic director Dr. M. Dianne Murphy explained Thursday night why the athletic department decided to change its mind.

"We are proud of our talented and dedicated student-athletes -- but as we have discussed this issue over the past day, we come to the conclusion that the core free speech values of the University are best served by providing a forum both for speech that might sometimes offend -- as well as for the kind of open discussion that ultimately leads to greater understanding and collegiality among all members of our community," she said.

Columbia senior José Delgado, the band's manager, had emailed a statement to after learning of the team's ban:

"The Columbia University Marching Band would like to apologize to the members of our community, in particular to our fellow classmates and coaches, who were offended by the incident that occurred on November 12 at the Columbia vs. Cornell football game. We accept the consequences and look forward to continue to be a part of our school spirit for future athletic events."


dggoddard said...

The students screw up. It happens. Its a "teachable moment."

Instead she throws them under the bus, and makes a mockery of the school in the national media.

Funny thing is she ends up learning who is boss. The kids paying 50 grand a year in tuition.

dusince59 said...

It is amazing this is even an issue. The country is a snafu

Anonymous said...

What an idiot she is.

Glad she is no longer at DU, and is Columbia's issue.

If Columbia is smart they will fire her.

Anonymous said...

After this embarrassment her days at Columbia must be numbered, no?

old pio said...

Leave it to Dianne to make this a "free speech issue." It's nothing of the kind. If the kids in the band want to poke fun at HER that's fine. But ragging on your own team is over the line, period. And shouldn't be permitted at university facilities. It's a GD football game, not an "occupy" rally. If the smartass punks in that band want to make fun of players, let 'em do it outside the stadium, not wearing their school uniforms. One assumes the players are doing the best they can and allowing the school's own band to mock them surpasses understanding and decency. The "teachable moment" for Dianne is that those students are part of a community. A community in which they support one another.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Old Pio! Phuck the band!

Aluuum said...

Replacing Murphy with Peg Doppes was the best trade D.U. ever made.

ScottA said...

Dear Dianne, I am a Masai rancher from the country of Kenya. Several of my relatives have been horribly savaged by lions, the scourge of the mara. They are bloodthirsty, brutal beasts that have loosed unspeakable horrors on my family and livestock. I am personally offended by Columbia's use of the Lion as a school mascot. Therewith, I am enclosing a photograph of a half-eaten cheese blintz and I beg you to consider it as the new school mascot. I know I can have faith in you as I understand you were able to perform a similar feat with a different pastry at your previous employer.

Anonymous said...

Ann B. Davis? ... c'mon, you know you were thinking it!