DU Alum Named #25 Top MN High School Player

(above) DU Alum Bob Young was one to the top Minnesota high school hockey players

University of Denver Alum Bob Young played for the Minnesota State Champion Hill High School hockey team in 1970.  Bob along with three of his fellow defensive teammates would eventually play D-1 hockey.  Three of the boys, including Young, would go on to be drafted by NHL teams.

Young scored the game winning goal in overtime in the championship game of the Minnesota Independant Schools Tournament as a Junior.  In 1970 he was named as St. Paul's "Athlete of the Year." 

Recently Bob Young was named the 25th best high school hockey player in Minnesota history in a list of the Top 100 players.


Brad said...

Wow, thanks for helping me learn a little more. I'm 36, Minnesotan born, go to the State hockey tourney every year, and have an all around MN high-school hockey enjoyment, but.....

I had no clue that what is now known as Hill-Murray was two schools back in the 70s: Hill High School and Archbishop Murray Memorial High School.

Very Interesting to know.

dggoddard said...

I looked online. The schools merged in 1971.