DU Trademarks Sassy Lacrosse Slogan

(above) No longer content with being the Capital of Colorado, PioNation stakes its claim to the entire western territory
If you were planning on whipping up a few hundred Boone T-shirts with the slogan "DU: Lacrosse Capital of the West" and selling them in the dorms, expect a Cease & Desist Letter from DU's attorneys.  The school actually went to the trouble of securing the intellectual property rights to the name "Lacrosse Capital of the West," formally depicting a trademarked logo, as a symbol of the institution's commitment to the game's development.

Needless to say this bold slogan didn't sit well with the scribes over at LaxPower, who immediately ripped DU's move  in an editorial that not only contained multiple factual errors, but tried to make a case for freaking Colorado State University or Colorado College (speaking of trademarking a slogan, "1957" is available) being the real birthplace of Colorado lacrosse.

Perhaps LaxPower is jealous that DU has signed on with arch-rival Inside Lacrosse Magazine to promote the Mile High Classic. DU will play Duke in a lacrosse double header while defending National Champions Virginia play Penn on Friday, April 27, 2012 in the House That Tebow Built.  Expect the lax extravaganza to be televised on ESPN-U.


dggoddard said...

Tickets for the 2012 Mile High Classic will go on sale Dec. 15.

Ticket prices are: $40 for The Corral (on-field seating); $35 for VIP (First Four Rows); $35 for Premium Midfield; $25 for Sideline Reserved & $15 General Admission A limited number of Field Suites, with seating for a minimum of 10 people, are also available starting at $500. Fans interested in learning more about Field Suites should call 303-OUTLAWS (303-688-5297).

old pio said...

One thing's indisputable: LaxPower has impressively raised the bar on whining.

Anonymous said...

Although I think the slogan is a bit boastful, I think it's mostly true. I also think that Lax Power's objections to it are poorly articulated, and specious at best. "Michigan turning D1 is.a huge deal. Therefore, CSU lacrosse is more important historically than DU." Huh?? They talk about the importance of non varsity lacrosse, but then only acknowledge the existence of lacrosse on DU's campus since 1999. Again...huh??

Anonymous said...

Call me crazy, but I like DU being out in front and owning the idea, Being proactive is key in today's media world.

DU is trying to position itself to host that NCAAs in the next 5 years, so whatever it can do to geneate local interest is a positive step in my book.

dggoddard said...

I really hope that DU can draw a large crowd at Mile High with the amazing teams being brought in for the doubleheader.

With sponsors such as Konica Minolta, Warrior, Brine, ESPNU, Smucker's, CyberCore Technologies, Gait Lacrosse, Easton Lacrosse and Maverik you have marketing giants in the lacrosse industry standing behind the event.

DU really needs to mobilize its forces and get the community to turn out in a big way. This is DU's version of the Rose Bowl and we need to draw 20,000 spectators.

Charlie Sheen said...

I'll be there on Dec 15th.