Three DU Recruits Selected For Under 17-Worlds

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Three University of Denver recruits were selected to play for Team USA in the 2012 World Under-17 Hockey Challenge from Dec. 28, 2011-Jan. 4, 2012, in Windsor, Ontario.

Connor Chatham, Gage Ausmus and Will Butcher have committed to attend the University of Denver.
2012 Recruiting Class
F Tyler Pham (Indiana Ice, USHL)
D Dakota Mermis (Green Bay, USHL)
D Matt Van Voorhis (Sioux Falls, USHL)
F Garrett Allen (Des Moines, USHL)
D Nolan Zajac (Omaha, USHL)
F Quentin Shore (U.S. Under-18)
F Grant Arnold (Green Bay, USHL)

2013 Recruiting Class

F Brad Hawkinson (Lincoln Stars, USHL)
F Landon Smith (Cedar Rapids, USHL)
F Connor Chatham (U.S. Under-17)
F Ray Pigozzi (Des Moines, USHL)
D Will Butcher (U.S. Under-17)

2014 Recruiting Class

F Jared Fiegl (Colorado Rampage, U-16)
D Gage Ausmus (U.S. Under-17)
F Trevor Moore (Tri-Cities, USHL)  


Anonymous said...

I noticed that both goalies on this U17 team are uncommitted...

I wonder if DU is in the mix for either of them?

Anonymous said...

Don't go there. Take my advice.... I've often raised the "why no goalies in the que" question before, and I get ripped apart here. Aparently, we're all banking on Murray, Brittain and Olkie playing out thier college careers and staying 100% healthy. They don't want a goalie anytime soon, from the looks of it. Do I understand it? No. Do I trust the recruiting at DU? Yes.