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"When Gwozdecky signed his 12-year extension in 2001, taking him to the end of the 2013-14 season (which we didn’t know at the time), the Pioneers staged a splashy news conference to say Gwoz signed a “long-term deal.” How long? “None of your business.” When is his current deal set to expire? “None of your business.” Did he get a raise? “None of your business.” "
-Mike Chambers Blog


achsdu17 said...

I knew George Gwozdecky was underpaid at DU but not by that much. Now granted the basketball coach is doing a grate job this year BUT Hockey is the flagship sport at DU! 7 National Titles, 2 of which have come from Gwoz! He scouts great talent a handful being NHL caliber every year. This program was a mess at one time and Gwoz turned it from a lower of the totem pole team to a National Title Contender! The man deserves to be paid so much more then anyone in the athletics department!

Anonymous said...

Apples and Oranges, achsdu17.

Hockey may be the flagship sport at DU, but that's not the only criteria that determines coaches' pay.

Gwoz is likely paid in the top 5 or 10 of all 58 D-I college hockey coaches, reflecting his top-level status in college hockey.

Joe Scott may make more than Gwoz, but he is paid well down the list of DI hoops coaches -- in the lower middle.

D-I Hoops coaches are almost always paid more than hockey coaches because:

1) College hoops is a bigger sport on the national scale

2) Pressure is much much higher on hoops coaches to win than it is on hockey coaches

3) Hoops coaches get fired more often than college hockey coaches do.

I would imagine that no D-I hoops coaches are paid less than hockey coaches at the same school.

That said, I hope DU will make all reasonable efforts to get Gwoz an extension that he deserves.

Anonymous said...

Gwoz's enormous ego will cloud the process. It's pretty apparent that the team is suffering because of it this year.

Loads of talent and a ton of upperclassman leadership with nothing to show for it.

Quite sad actually.

Anonymous said... exactly has Gwoz's "ego" played a part in the team's disappointing start? I thought maybe it was poor special teams. But if it's as simple as an ego check, then we should be able to right the ship pretty quickly!

Anonymous said...

Well said 12:54. Gwoz's ego is definitely the reason Sam tore his ACL, Beau has been out for many games, Murray, Ryder, etc. all got injured.

Do you actually believe the things that you say, or are you just a troll?

old pio said...

Just about whatever it takes to keep Gwoz around is what we should pay. A trunk full of gold dubloons is probably out of the question. But not much else. There can be very few DU hires over the last 25 years that have worked out so well. Pay him and sign him.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Old Pio: I hear your sentiment. But small private schools (and even big public ones) don't take the mindset of "pay him whatever he wants." That would you say...not very smart. My 2 cents: negotiate it all business-like. But don't let Gwoz go over a matter of 20,000 here, or 30,000 there. And don't let Gwoz go out of a stubborn refusal to negotiate. DU needs to keep in mind that hockey is king at DU. But Gwoz needs to keep in mind the sad realities of the post above at 10:52.

Anonymous said...

Not pay him whatever "he wants", pay him just about whatever "it takes". There's a difference and I don't think OP(P) was suggesting that we pay him whatever he wants. Although, I don't believe that Gwoz would be unreasonable in negotiations by any stretch of the imagination.

Gwoz has done everything right on and off the ice and has run an overall top of the line platinum program for nearly two decades. Pay the man what it takes and get it done DU.

dggoddard said...

FWIW, I heard DU was trying to lock up Gwozdecky & Tierney with deals that featured similar funding mechanisms.

DU's edge in recent years has been its awesome array of coaches & assistants. Lets hope they have what it takes to keep the horses in the stable.