DU Defeats The Citadel 70-58

The University of Denver basketball team defeated The Citadel 70-58 at Magness Arena on Thursday night. Sophomore forward Chris Udofia led all scorers with 19 points, while adding seven rebounds, six assists and two blocks.

DU has a 10-2 record this season.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the capital T in The Citadel ... well done, and correct! -- chase (Cid '88)

mexican voodoo said...

Does this mean that Boone is headed to The Big Easy?

Anonymous said...

This DU team is a very good TEAM that plays like a team. None of the players were more than 2 star recruits nationally, but when they play the Scott system well, they are a group of about 10 interchangeable parts. Most of the guys can shoot 3s, they all shoot free throws well and they can play defense.

Given how unusual the DU modified Princeton system is, many opponents have a hard time running our offense in preparation for us, given the complexity of it.

This DU team is very good.

It will be great to get the students back in January to create a home court advantage for DU in league play.