Denver Post Profiles Juho Olkinoura

Juho Olkinoura
From: Denver Post
by Mike Chambers

A good problem is developing on the University of Denver hockey team.

Freshman goalie Juho Olkinuora, a midsummer pickup who would be playing professionally in Finland if the Pioneers hadn't contacted him in June, is improving as quickly as junior Adam Murray​ and sophomore Sam Brittain are getting healthy [read entire article].


achsdu17 said...

Plane and simple Juho Olkinoura has proven himself as a capable, strong and reliable goaltender for DU. I think he's deserved to be the back up or better yet the 2nd goalie #1 goalie on this hockey team.

With Murray, you always fear the worst with him. Sure he's gotten better but I can't say my confidence in him is anywhere on the same level with Olki and Brittan. Unfortunately for Murray I would slot him as the 3rd string goalie.

As for when Brittan gets back, he won't be running on all cylinders and will come out flat when he is finally able to play. That said even if he was healthy, I think we could do like what we did with Mannino and Fisher and rotate them week in and week out. Just a possibility.

vizoroo said...

Ala Mark Rycroft, "Juicy" did really well last weekend. Enough to be named WCHA Defensive Player of the Week--Drew Shore brought home the Offensive Player of the Week and Joey LaLeggia was nominated for the Rookie honor

anonevermore said...

Jussi should be the #1 goalie when Brittain comes back. Platoon the two of them, and whoever plays best gets the #1 spot. It sucks that Brittain got injured. But unless Jussi falters over the next month, Brittain should be the #2 goalie until he outperforms Jussi. I don't see Murray getting any significant ice time, unless 1) Jussi falters or 2) Brittain has complications with his recovery. Either of those two things could happen, but I hope they don't!

Josey Wales said...

Isn't it safe to say Murray's career at DU is over? I mean, come on.....he shouldn't even be on the radar anymore.