Odds Of DU Winning The MacNaughton Cup

(above) According to statistical probability DU has a 4% chance to win the MacNaughton Trophy
Good news.  

With DU's sweep over UAA this past weekend, the Pioneers have clinched at least 11th place in the WCHA this season.  Thanks to PlayoffStatus.com you can see the odds of where DU will finish in the WCHA Standings this season.  DU would need some help and win almost all its remaining games to capture the MacNaughton Cup this season (4% probability).

On another note, UAA last swept DU on Dec. 11-12, 1998 in Anchorage.  Since that time DU has swept the Seawolves 12 times.  Ask the UAA Blogger, DU is one tough cookie to sweep.


miller said...

I miss hearing Donald's rants, he is unusually quiet this year. Could be that his beloved Seawolves are in last place??

anonevermore said...

The UAA blogger is a fool, and his team sucks. That's 2 strikes. I'm sure he has a third strike, as well.

old pio said...

He also thinks there's a referee's conspiracy against UAA. Is that part of being a fool? Or a third strike?

Anonymous said...

Calling Dunlop a fool is an insult to fools everywhere.