Wiercioch Injury Details Still Not Forthcoming

(above) Patrick Wiercioch was stuck by a puck to the throat in December
After being struck hard in the throat by a hockey puck in early December while playing for the AHL Binghamton Senators, University of Denver alum Patrick Wiercioch continues to recover.

Wiercioch has not played since the injury. The Senators are letting him have some time before making him, or many details, available to the media. But he is doing well.

He has been attending team meetings.

"He needs to be around," Coach Kleinendorst said. "There is no question he is going to get back to 100 percent. It's just a matter of when he gets through this, he'll be a better player because of his experience and what he's been going through."


old pio said...

No doubt Kleinendorst is sincere. But "he'll be a better player" sounds like horse puckey to me. I don't see the connection. The main thing is that Patrick recovers and resumes playing. Good luck to him.

vizoroo said...

Thought the same thing, old pio. It seems like there should be news forthcoming if everything is going well.