DU's MacNaughton & Playoff Seeding Scenarios

MacNaughton Cup
WCHA Tie-Breaking Procedures

MacNaughton Cup
At the conclusion of the regular season, teams will be ranked by the number of points accumulated. If two or more teams are tied for first place, they will be declared co-WCHA champions. So to win or be co-champion of the MacNaughton Cup is based solely the number of WCHA points. Simple enough, DU is two points behind Minnesota & one point behind UMD with six games to play.

WCHA Playoff Seeding Procedures

The first round of the WCHA’s post-season tournament will be a best-of-three games format at the home site of the teams ranked higher in the final regular season standings. All twelve teams participate in the first round of the tournament. First round playoff pairings will be: #1 vs #12, #2 vs #11, #3 vs #10, #4 vs #9, 5# vs #8 & #6 vs #7.

Following the five first round series, the six winning teams will be reseeded #1 thru #6 according to their standings in the final WCHA in-season competition and will advance to the WCHA Final 5. #3 will play #6, #4 vs #5; #1 & #2 have byes. If DU finishes first or second and won the first round playoff series they will avoid a "play-in" game.

In the event that ties are encountered in the determination of WCHA ranking or designation of home teams for playoff purposes, the following procedures would be used.

If two or more teams are tied, head-to-head competition during the regular (conference) season will be used to break the tie. DU was 0-1-1 vs. Minnesota-Duluth and 2-0-0 against Minnesota. UMD was 0-2-0 against Minnesota. DU would win a three-way tie breaker.  DU would have the two-way tiebreaker over Minnesota.  UMD would have the two-way tiebreaker over DU; Minnesota would have the two-way tiebreaker over UMD.
DU's remaining schedule: @ Wisconsin, UND & UNO

UMD's remaining schedule: @ Mankato, CC & @ SCSU

MN's remaining schedule: BSU, @ UNO, Wisconsin


Anonymous said...

Why are the Minnesota, North Dakota and even some of our own fans picking on Old Pio over on USCHO? He should just post here where it's safer.

du78 said...

All I want is DU to end up 1st or 2nd so they don't have to play the extra game in St. Paul. DU just needs to keep winning.

Anonymous said...

Old Pio hasn't learned and/or doesn't care about the golden rule of politics and USCHO. If you say something enough, it becomes true. Since there are more Gopher and UND fans on USCHO, you will always "lose", there is no point arguing with them.

Give 'em hell OP! :-)