Tweets From Around PioNation-Valentine's Edition


Don't be creepin said...

DG, Have you ever heard of a show on TLC called "My stange addiction"?

Instead of being in love with a car, I think you're in love with the entire hockey team.

I got one word for you.....therapy

Anonymous said...

Scott Mayfield was listed as Red Baron WCHA's Rookie of the Week too...Just FYI!

dggoddard said...

Thanks for the heads up on Mayfield.

He really played well last weekend.

Ring_of_Fire said...

Mayfield is starting to "get it".

You can see in his play that the game has slowed down for him to the point that he is able to make the right decisions (most of the time) without thinking about it.

Reaching this threshold is critical for a young player...and doing so in his freshman year is an impressive feat. Mayfield can now spend the rest of his career at DU developing his game, instead of merely struggling to keep up.

Scott still needs to gain about 25 lbs of muscle, though.

Also, speaking of tall defensemen, John Lee played probably his best two games of the season last weekend.

vizoroo said...

Congrats to Scotty!
Think he has really picked up his game the last 3 or 4 weeks. He is definitely looking more confident. Gwoz put him up the gophs top line for good reason.

And yes, you can tell John Lee is a senior and has stepped up his game when he knows the Pios need big minutes and a sure hand on the blue line.