Final 5 To Be Televised In Colorado

(above) Root Sports-Rocky Mountain will televise every game of the WCHA Final 5.
WCHA Final 5 Info

Good news for Pioneer and college hockey fans in Colorado.  There will be many outlets carrying the WCHA Final 5 live.

Root Sports-Rocky Mountain will carry all five games of the WCHA Final 5. For fans outside of Colorado with "expanded sports tiers" [Comcast for example] FCS-Central will also carry all five games.  Finally FCS-North will be the flagship station and carry expanded coverage of the event.
#3 DU vs #10 Michigan Tech  1 PM MT
#4 UND vs. # 5 SCSU  6 PM MT

DU/MTU winner #2 UMD  1 PM
UND/SCSU winner vs. #1 MN  6 PM

WCHA Championship Game  6 PM MT


dggoddard said...

No surprise, but couple this news with no CC Freshmen scoring a goal this season and the Gold Pan will be back in the Trophy case on Asbury by March 2013.

"Colorado College sophomore forward Jaden Schwartz signed with the NHL’s St. Louis Blues today and willforgo his last two years of NCAA eligibility.

His older brother, Rylan, a junior with the Tigers, may also sign a pro deal and leave school."

achsdu17 said...

Damn Right they are showing the Final 5.

and I think CC shouldn't get too attached to the Gold Pan... at this rate they are going to be at the bottom of the WCHA next season.

miller said...

I got an email this weekend from Brian Gomez, a writer for the Colorado Springs Gazette. He said that CC has been consistently inconsistent for a number of years.

I have often wondered what convinced any top prospects to go to CC. Seriously what do they have to offer. A tradition of failure.

On another note, did Schultz sign today with Anaheim? I saw an interview he gave after the game last night and he refuse to answer any questions about a possible signing.

Anonymous said...

Was this the first time they won the gold pan from us?

Anonymous said...

DU leads CC in overall series by a wide margin.

The 'gold pan' trophy was born in the early 90s, and CC has won it more than DU has since then.

Of course, CC has not won a national championship since 1957.

DU was won 7 of them since 1958.

dggoddard said...

DU's record in World Arena is pretty pathetic.

achsdu17 said...

While our record at the World Arena is bad... DU has made the most of making great opportunities happen there though.

Anonymous said...

We are 1-0-0 in the NCAAs in the World Arena (at least since 2004, not sure if we played there before then). That's all that matters.

Ouch for CC. Jaden was a great player. Part of me still hates to see him leave college hockey. I don't know who CC could recover if they also lose Rylan. They better have one hell of a recruiting class coming in.

Twister said...

Re: Jaden Schwartz--it's a win-win for me. CC loses an incredibly talented player. I won't be crying in my beer over that. And my favorite NHL team gets his services. I like this arrangement. Just like Oshie a few years ago.

Ring_of_Fire said...

I'd just like to say that, despite my general disdain for CC, I do not relish in the news that the Schwartz brothers are leaving school.

College hockey in Colorado is better when DU and CC are BOTH good. And it's even better when AFA has a strong program as well...particularly with the NCHC starting soon and DU and CC both about to have more than the yearly novelty tilt against Air Force.

As far as what CC has to offer, personally, just off the top of my head, I'd say that CC has the following selling points:
- Traditionally strong fan support from the community;
- An academic schedule that is very friendly to participation in athletics;
- Academic structure (Block Program) that allows administration and faculty to be very focused on individual needs and desires;
- A small school, small city environment that happens to be located less than an hour from a big city;
- A commute to the mountains that does not require dicking around with the perpetual train wreck that is I-70; and
- Some unbelievable fly fishing less than an hour away.

Honestly, I could think of worse places to go to school.

I know that I'm supposed to hate CC...and I do, when DU is playing them. But, if DU isn't an option for a top recruit and he feels comfortable with the environment at CC, I'd much rather him wind up in Colorado Springs then in Chestnut Hill...or Minneapolis...or Ann Arbor...or Grand Forks.

Just my humble opinion....

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the midget, mouth breathing,puck bunny, Tiger player/parent stalker, CCtig has to say now. He runs his short bus educated mouth all season and when CC tanks, he's a phantom....

pesimisticfan said...

In Hockey East related hockey, let's hope BC get's knocked out in the first game of the tourny so Chris Kreider signs with the Rangers and can be explosive with Brad Richards and Carl Hagelin or Ryan Callahan.....

Anonymous said...

We need BC to well in the HEA tourney to help left our PWR, since we have a win over them this year.

BC can get knocked out once they get into the NCAAs/

Anonymous said...

Good luck to Jaden Schwartz, the latest in a long line of PioKillers. Seriously, he was a great college player and every Pioneer fan should be glad we won't have to face him again.

Now, if we could just get Krushelnyski to leave early...

mexico said...

Leave Krusher out of this. At this point, he gets my vote for captain next season.

Anonymous said...

Fly fishing – yep, that’s going to attract the type of student everyone is looking for.

Anonymous said...

Heh heh, I was thinking the same thing about fly fishing ... unless our recruit is 50 years old and has a solid collection of hip-high rubber boots, mesh vests and hats that rival Colonel Blake ... and you can get from CC to downtown Denver in less than an hour? Wow ... remind me to get out of your way!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Heads up all you Pio fans. Your day will come this year just as it does for a good number of teams, you will also have some players leave early and then the moaning and bitching will commence.

So shut your 'Pio Holes' and enjoy the playoffs while you still can. The end of your season will also be here soon enough along with your share of early departures.

And BTW, the Gold Pan will stay in Colorado Springs next year; you can take that to the bank.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 9:46 -

Really, what was the point of your post? Did it make you feel better? I hope so. Because, otherwise, vomiting such original thoughts as "shut your 'Pio holes'" was ultimately a waste of key strokes.

EVERY team's "day will come this year"...that is, every team, except for one. We all know the odds.

That said, personally, I'd rather have a ticket to the dance than be stuck at home.

But, hey, that's just me.

Also, everyone already knows that Zucker (probably) and Drew Shore (possibly) and Bennett (doubtful) could well leave after this year.

Early departures are part of the price you pay when you recruit NHL-caliber talent. If that's not something you're prepared to deal with without resorting to embarrassing yourself on another team's blog, then I suggest you find a different sport to follow. Or, become an Air Force fan.

Anonymous said...

We won't be bitchnig and moaning. DU fans expect all three guys (Zucker, Shore and Bennett) to leave for the pros.

If any stay, great.

If they don't, we wish them well.

Anderson, Dineen, Redmond, Pettinger, Rycroft, Carle, Stastny, Skinner, Dingle, Paukovich, Butler, Bozak, Cheverie, Colborne, Wiercioch all left early...

achsdu17 said...

Hey 9:46:00... I'll take your statement to the bank but the bank doesn't accept fools gold.

I'm already placing CC at the lower half of the WCHA next season, with one of their worst seasons in the past decade.

Anonymous said...

Top 6 in home attendance this season (all WCHA): Wisconsin, UND, Minny, Omaha, CC, Duluth. BC checks in at 7th.

CC shows up to see their lower half WCHA team.

Anonymous said...

So 3 out of those 7 teams are done for the year. What's your point?

Anonymous said...

@ 9:46

cc will suck next year. bank it. lol.

Anonymous said...

Apparently I struck a nerve with many of you miscreants when I used the term 'Pio Hole'.

Deal with it ya' bunch of whiners.