Jason Zucker Wild Jerseys Available In St. Paul

(above) Get 'em while they're hot

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Anonymous said...

$190 is a little steep for me. But I'd love to have a Zucker jersey.

Not where to post this, so I'll just do it here. Obviously a lot has changed since this time, but here' a quote from an article on the Penguins website on 6/22/11:

As of now, Bennett plans on turning pro at the end of his sophomore season. But if he doesn’t feel ready by that point in time, he’s willing to continue developing as a player and person in the program that Denver offers.

“My goal from the get-go is two years of college, and hopefully I’m ready by then,” he said. “But if not, I’m at a great place in Denver with great coaches, great friends and great teammates, so I’m more than willing and ready to stay as long as I need to to feel ready for the next level.”