Wild 3 - Panthers 2 OT Final

(above) Jason Zucker didn't figure in the scoring but he was featured in two highlights in this three minute video

From: Wild In Game Commentary

Pregame - Jason Zucker was spied walking into the rink jamming on his iPod.

15:46 of 2nd Period - After about a minute of applied pressure by the Panthers, the puck squirts free and Zucker gets a break. Florida gets crossed up on a line change, and Zucker picks up the puck in the neutral zone and streaks down the left side. He fires a quick wrist shot high to the far side, but just misses the net. Zucker was at the end of a shift and gassed, but still showed some pretty good wheels on that break. 

OT - Wild score 15 seconds into Overtime.

Zucker Boxscore - 3 shots, 0 goals & assists, 10:55 playing time


Anonymous said...

I thought he looked ok out there. Pretty funny what they did to him at warms ups.

dggoddard said...

Thanks for the heads up. I found the video of what you were referring to and posted it.