NHL.com Profiles DU vs. UNO Series

NHL.com breaks down the DU vs. UNO series this weekend. Drew Shore, Jason Zucker, Joey LaLeggia and Sam Brittain are also profiled.

The game will be telecast tonight at 5:30 PM MT on NBC Sports Network in High Definition.  As usual NBC uses their NHL play-by-play and color analysts.  The big improvement for viewers is using a full slate of cameras.


dggoddard said...

More than a few people mentioned last weekend that DU was "nervous" and afraid to make a mistake last Friday night.

Playing on national television and knowing that scouts, family, friends and future NHL fans are watching the games can be daunting.

DU has often looked nervous and tight in recent seasons before NCAA playoff games. RIT & Wisconsin come to mind.

Here's to hoping that the boys are Loosey-Goossey tonight

Twister said...

Some nerves/butterflies are good before a big game, but once the puck drops you have to forget about it and go play, especially in this very tough one-and-done NCAA playoff format. One bad period and you can be done in. DU's veteran players got a taste of what it takes to succeed in the postseason last year, with a hard fought victory over WMU. Hopefully that translates into something special this year.

du78 said...

I thinkl NBC has been doing a tremendous job of televising college hockey games this season as well as cross-promoting them with their NHL games. As the official U.S. broadcaster of the NHL, they are intertwined with NHL.com and a number of college stories and interviews have appeared on NHL.com this season. The Islanders sent out a tweet today promoting tonight's game on NBC with their draft pick, DU's Scott Mayfield.

Anonymous said...

Gosh it would be so nice to see the Saturday night game w/o having to put out$$$$$$$$ to watch it. Bummer.