Colorado College Releases Hockey Schedule

The final year of the WCHA promises to be an exciting  season for University of Denver ice hockey fans.

Colorado College released their hockey schedule yesterday, giving some more clues to DU's schedule.

The University of North Dakota's tentative upcoming schedule was published in Brad Schlossman's Blog

Its unofficial, so don't book any travel plans yet, but here are some dates that have been published from other schools.
St. Cloud State @ DU - November 2-3, 2012

DU @ Colorado College - November 16, 2012

Colorado College @ DU - November 17, 2012

Yale @ DU - November 23, 2012

DU @ North Dakota - December 7-8, 2012

DU @ St. Cloud State - January 18-19, 2012

DU @ Minnesota-Duluth - February 1-2, 2012

Colorado College @ DU - February 8, 2013

DU @ Colorado College - February 9, 2013

North Dakota @ DU - February 22-23, 2013

DU @ Minnesota - March 1-2, 2013
As previously mentioned Denver may play Boston University in the Hall of Fame game in Magness Arena early in the season, the University of New Hampshire will visit DU in the Denver Cup and Cornell will visit DU for two games.

What we know...
Schools Visiting DU 2012-13
Air Force (1)
Colorado College (2)
North Dakota (2)
Wisconsin (2)
Michigan Tech (2)
Alaska Anchorage (2)
St. Cloud State (2)
Nebraska Omaha (2)
Boston University (1) - Hall of Fame
New Hampshire (1) - Denver Cup
Cornell (2)
Yale (1)

DU Road Games in 2012-13
Colorado College (2)
North Dakota (2)
Minnesota (2)
Minnesota Duluth (2)
St. Cloud State (2)
Minnesota State (2)
Bemidji State (2)


dggoddard said...

There were some rumors that the Denver Cup was in peril. Yale & New Hampshire were scheduled to be in the field originally. Now Yale is out, but kept the date with DU.

I heard last month that the Denver Cup was still on and UNH is the Saturday night opponent.

Cornell will likely visit the week after New Years. DU shouldn't have any players at World Juniors.

Anonymous said...

So when is the Denver Cup this year if it's still on?

Isn't UNH also playing CC Thanksgiving weekend in Co Springs?

Maybe the CC/UNH road swing has relaced the Denver Cup??>

dggoddard said...

Don't have any details but that sounds likely.

Its possible that Yale & UNH's home & home with DU & CC has replaced the Denver Cup.

The problem is that with the college hockey shakeup in 2013-14 smaller schools are no longer willing to fly out to Denver for airfare & hotel money. They want appearance money for giving up a home date.

If DU does host the Denver Cup this year, its probably the last season for it anyway.

Anonymous said...

Legend has it a number of years ago in a game at Yost, the Cornell fans inspired the Michigan fans to be loud and into the game. Here's hoping that happens for us when Cornell comes to Magness next year...

Anonymous said...

Actually, the Cornell fans came out in numbers to Ann Arbor for an NCAA playoff game in 1991. What they really did was teach the Michigan fans a lot of cheers and fan participation, they kind of thing that has made Lynah rink at Cornell a very difficult building. Michigan fans learned quickly, and turned Yost into the snakepit it is today.