DU Admissions Update

From: DU's Faculty Senate Minutes - March, 2012  

Undergraduate Enrollment
The University of Denver Admissions Office finalized selection of the students DU will offer admission to in the regular action pool:
Applications are up by 9%
Students of color applications are up by 12%
Out-of-State applications are up 6%
In-State applications are down 1%.
DU offered admission to 11% more students than last year

The student profile is about the same as last year:
3.72 GPA,
27.6 ACT
1240 SAT


dggoddard said...

Lots of interesting numbers in the report. And plenty of good news to boot.

Incredible to see the GPA/SAT/ACT numbers.

Also good to see DU potentially having another record size Freshman class. DU obviously can't prosper with 5,000 undergrads. Over time that number is going to have to grow.

But when you factor in a 3.5% tuition hike with potentially 10% more students that's a staggering increase in revenue. Where's all the money going? Scholarships?

Anonymous said...

We get about 15,000 apllications - which nets out to 10-15 applications for every freshman spot we have (1,200) but we are at the 'bottom' of the very elite elite applicant pool, where those a big chunk of our applicants are elite students competing for spots at other top schools.

Therefore, we need to accept 70% of these elite applicants just to fill our freshman class.

The only way to improve selectivity is drive a larger applicant pool so more prospective students can be rejected...

Anonymous said...

Actually, DU doesn't have room for many more undergrads. They cost more money and need more services. And DU needs to keep the student faculty ratio low (9-1) to justify the high tuition cost.

Graduate students pay the same or more money as undergrads do and don't need as many services. If DU grows more, it will be more grad students. DU's campus is pretty contrained footprint wise, so grad students are probably the right direction...

The money DU is making is going to hiring more faculty to keep ratios low, and more scholarships to attract the diversty they want so badly.

old pio said...

Old Pio Annecdote Alert: We used to do College Nights at Clear Lake H.S. south of Houston. Home to NASA. Finally we just made up a sign that said: "No, we don't offer fucking aeronautical engineering. Move along."