Friday, May 04, 2012

2012-13 DU Ice Hockey Schedule


dggoddard said...

Compared to last year's schedule which was just brutal, this looks to be a lot more manageable.

dggoddard said...

FYI - The Denver Cup is now officially D-E-A-D.

Its a shame, but a sign of the times. Because of the conference reshuffling, many teams now have tons of non-conference games. Getting teams to fly out to Denver in exchange for a fistfull of plane tickets is no longer possible.

Anonymous said... non-conference road games? Don't strain yourself.

dggoddard said...

The non-cons are not exactly cupcakes.

Every game is against a 2012 NCAA Tourney team, except Yale who was a #1 seed in 2011 & New Hampshire who had a 10 year streak snapped.

DU will owe visits to New Hampshire, Air Force and Cornell in 2013-14.

Anonymous said...

5 marquee home games with no students on campus? (2 Wisco, Yale, UNH, BU?)

Love the sechedule of teams, hate the dates.

On the plus side, lots of practice time between the exhibition and first game. DU will need that to integrate all the new faces.

Anonymous said...

Students only show up for the CC games anyway.