Ray Pigozzi Will Arrive At DU In 2013

Last week LetsGoDU mentioned that three websites including College Hockey Inc. had DU recruit Ray Pigozzi coming to DU in the 2012-13 recruiting class.  Turns out that information was incorrect.  

Pigozzi will be coming to DU as originally planned in 2013-14.  We regret the error.
2012 Recruiting Class
D Dakota Mermis (Green Bay, USHL)
F Garrett Allen (Des Moines, USHL)
D Nolan Zajac (Omaha, USHL)
F Quentin Shore (U.S. Under-18)
F Grant Arnold (Green Bay, USHL)
F Gabe Levin (Fairbanks, NAHL)

2013 Recruiting Class
F Matt Van Voorhis (Sioux Falls, USHL)
F Tyler Pham (Indiana Ice, USHL)
F Brad Hawkinson (Lincoln Stars, USHL)
F Landon Smith (Cedar Rapids, USHL)
F Connor Chatham (U.S. Under-17)
F Ray Pigozzi (Chicago, USHL)
D Will Butcher (U.S. Under-17)
F Cody DePourcq (Penticton, BCHL)
F Trevor Moore (Tri-Cities, USHL)

2014 Recruiting Class
F Jared Fiegl (Colorado Rampage, U-16)
D Gage Ausmus (U.S. Under-17)
F Dylan Gambrell (Colorado Thunderbirds, AAA)
F Garrett Gamez (LA Selects, AAA)


dggoddard said...

So it appears that DU may have two forward roster slots available for next season, if they replace the three players that left early and five players that graduated.

miller said...

Any thoughts where Killer may start looking for those forwards?

dggoddard said...

Last year there was a ton of speculation that they might dig around the USHL and they ended up bringing Daniel Doremus & Josiah Didier in a year early.

So if DU sticks to that playbook, Brad Hawkinson & Landon Smith are the two oldest recruits in the 2013 recruiting class.

But Zucker, Shore & Bennett are HUGE skates to fill. DU might be looking to find another miracle recruit at the 11th hour like Jussi Olkinora.

Anonymous said...

Is the 1st game @ Ritchie or somewhere in BC?

dggoddard said...

Guessing the Exhibition with British Columbia is conflicting with the Presidential Debate.

If it were to move from Magness Arena the likely candidates in order would be Air Force, Denver Coliseum, World Arena, Joy Burns Arena or Pepsi Center.

Anonymous said...

Just curious:

Why would AFA's arena be of a higher preference than the Coliseum? DU has a loooong history of mostly using the Coliseum when they haven't been able to use their own rink.

Also, I wonder if Big Bear could handle it? The Arena is after all managed by a former 3rd string WCHA goalie from CC, Chris Kawano.

Anonymous said...

Would the WCHA let DU play the game, even if it's an exhibition, in an arena without replay? I heard from a solid source that the WCHA likes to have the on-ice and off-ice officials run through at least a replay or two even if it's not completely necessary during exhibitions, for the sake of preseason practice.

du78 said...

DU schedule indicates that the game will be played in "Denver". That rules out any games in Colorado Springs.

Anonymous said...

What about the barn outside of Loveland where the Colorado Eagles play?

....though, I suppose that's not actually "IN" Denver.

They could also play at the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield, where the Colorado Rage (CHL) played until they folded after the 2008-2009 season.

Anonymous said...

Why the hell would they (du) release the sked, with a known conflict? Thats bovine fecal matter. You can't tell me the Secret Service cannot commit to a timeframe this far out......yet, evidently, they can confirm Columbian Hoochie Mommas a year in advance, to entertain thier boys...... Come on, DU...don't keel over to the P obama administration

Anonymous said...

The only miracle at Magness next year will be if DG can still fit into his XXXL jersey.

Anonymous said...

The Obama Administration has very little to do with the debates.

The debates are run by the Commission on Presidential Debates, a non-profit, non-partisan organization that has been putting on these debates since 1987.


The Secret Service is in charge of security for both candidates for president. They oversee security protocol, acceess and building security. DU does what they are told to do, and hockey has no say in the matter.

Anonymous said...

Oh definately, one of the area rinks would be plenty, just for an exhibition game with British Columbia - they're lucky to get a thousand paying heads in the building, any year for those early games. Heck, maybe even Joy Burns. No way Pepsi, no way Broomfield.... for a pre season venue, anyways. Maybe a double header, tacked onto an Avs pre season game though??? I think it will be held as planned right inside Magness.....

Anonymous said...

DU had usaully draws about 4,000 people for the Canadian exhibiition - about 1,200 less than the average crowd of 5,300.

In fact, the DU vs McGill opener last year had a serious student turnout - bigger than some of the home turnouts for bottom half WCHA opponents,

I would think the Coliseum is the right spot for that game.

The bigger question is where does DU practive that week - I would guess the whole Ritchie center will be shut down by the secret service for a while preceding the debate,