Big Sky Merger Proposal May Save The WAC

At this point its just a rumor, but several newspaper bloggers have reported a conference call last night discussing the Big Sky Conference sending some schools to the WAC in all sports but football.

The Big Sky Commissioner confirmed the conversations of a merger but termed the situation as a "Long shot."

What would this mean for DU? Stability and "western rivals."
"New" WAC
Boise State
Eastern Washington
Northern Arizona
New Mexico State
Northern Colorado

"New" Big Sky Conference
Sacramento State
Portland State
Weber State
Southern Utah
North Dakota
Montana State
Idaho State


dggoddard said...

The best part of this proposal is that every school has a natural rival.


Harumph said...

Sounds like it would be perfect!

That's why it probably won't happen :(

dggoddard said...

There's a few numbers that might make this idea work.

Having two NCAA Hoops Autobids will generate $50,000 extra per school.

Two schools from the West will get NCAA invites each season vs. one if the WAC fails.

Odds of making the Tourney will increase by 20%.

Anonymous said...

This could be very good solution for DU, if they could work it out.

Anonymous said...

And the opportunity to play NoDak in basketball...

And... although a longshot... if DU wanted to launch football at some magical date in the future, launching FCS might be a bit easier.

Anonymous said...

And, actually - any FCS teams that wanted to make the jump to FBS would be able to do so by way of an invite to the FBS WAC (as per last rule rewrite, no?). This could be a win in that regard, too.

timt89 said...

I'd still prefer the WCC. From a reputational standpoint, this is a pretty weak option. I don't think Joe Scott or Peg would be all that happy with this option. We can do better than a bunch of directional schools and second tier universities. Not trying to be arrogant - just stating the facts.

Being the best of this lot will not put us among the top mid-majors. I think we should expect more from DU if we want to become a Gonzaga or St. Mary's in basketball.

Maybe short term but a bad long-term option for DU and a major market like Denver.

Anonymous said...

DU has very little choice right now. You take the best option you can get, and move up. The WCC doesn't want us. It they did, we'd be there by now.

Yes, the WCC schools look a lot like us - Academically strong, mid-size privates.

But will any more Denver area fans come out to see us play the Santa Clara's, Loyola Marymount's or Pepperdine's of the world then they would come out for Big Sky/WAC teams like Portland State, New Mexico State or Eastern Washington's or Sun Belt teams like Western Kentucky, Louisiana-Lafayette or Arkansas State?

The big regional draws here are CU, CSU, Wyoming Air Force and BYU. DU is not in a conference with any of them.

DU has it's work cut out for them no matter where they land...

Anonymous said...

And that is EXACTLY why MWC makes sense...

Anonymous said...

Except that the MWC has no interest in DU right now...

Anonymous said...

I'm still trying to figure why the Big Sky would even want to go this route? dgoddard's breakdown is the closest I can find to a rationale, but little else......

Anonymous said...

The Big Sky throwing the lifeline to the WAC in the form of a couple of sacrficial Olympic sports schools, keeps the WAC , and schools that might join, inside the tent rather than growing into potential western competition.

Mostly defensive move by the Big Sky, but it also keeps two western NCAA hoops bids, which improves the odds of a payout. If the WAC folds, the bid goes back to the NCAA.

Also allows the Big Sky to be a hero in helping salvage the wreckage in the West. Schools in other regions have way more options than western schools do...