DU Library Renovation Nears Midpoint

(above) Main Interior
(above) Special Collections Reading Room
(above) Special Events Meeting Room
If you were to walk through University of Denver renovation of the Penrose Library construction site, you would not recognize it. The abundance of natural light from the central atrium and the addition of windows in the stairwells and lower level changes the space dramatically. While the footprint of the original Penrose remains, the Academic Commons adds significant space along the south side of the building. Many interior walls, a new roof, and an elevator shaft have been completed, while details of the cafĂ© are being finalized. 

Expected to be complete in the Spring of 2013, the Academic Commons will be the campus hub, supporting students in many aspects of student life. It will be the center of student and faculty collaboration around learning, and a place that symbolizes the University of Denver’s strength in research, teaching, and service with a mission that serves the public good.


Anonymous said...

I don't care how much this costs it had to be done. I spent many hours in Penrose and was always amazed at how shitty it looked and functioned.

Anonymous said...

Didn't I see you asleep in the corner?

Anonymous said...

All good and nice but hear me out - This started as a DU hockey blog, then it morphed into a DU sports blog. So this topic is sports related.... how???
Is this now the DU Dewy Decimal System blog? :) I know, it's summertime, material is hard to come by.....in other news - I noticed you seem to have missed George Gwozdecky's birthday!!! Happy Belated Birthday GG! Hope your youth camp is going good.... and STAY OFF THE DASHER!!!

Anonymous said...

I try and help DG so you don't have to answer this question for the 100th time. The blog was started as an effort to increase school spirit. With hockey being the flagship sport of the university it has always gotten top billing on the blog. However, it is "LetsGoDU", which includes all things DU.

I'll never understand the amount of people that bring this topic up (maybe it's the same guy over and over again?). Not much hockey news happens over the summer. Would it make you more happy if the blog was just not updated from April until October? Personally, I like the additional stories.

Harumph said...

I wasn't going to even respond to the Anon because the trolling was quite boring.

"DU Dewy Decimal System blog"


At least get John Dewey's name right.


timt89 said...

I like the general DU news and Penrose was a sh*t hole that needed to be fixed. At this point, when it comes to facilities, DU has to be one of the finest universities in the country.
Keep up the good work!