Denver Post: WAC Set To Change Course

From: Denver Post
by Irv Moss

The WAC is exploring an option that would take the league into a future without football beginning in 2013.

Conference interim commissioner Jeff Hurd stipulated this week the WAC must make a decision on a future course in the next few weeks. Hurd noted that the conference's board of directors has a number of options available for consideration, one of which would be to proceed as a nonfootball league. The conference will play the 2012 season as is, before being ripped apart with defections a year from now.

"We definitely have to have our plan for the 2013-14 year in place by the end of the summer," Hurd said. "In our case, sooner is better than later."

The University of Denver and Seattle are joining the conference for the upcoming year as nonfootball members. The WAC will have an 18-game conference basketball schedule. DU's hockey program will remain in the Western Collegiate Hockey Association.

Hurd said he couldn't offer an opinion about the most likely direction the conference will take beyond the upcoming school year.

"It's anyone's guess right now. We're actively and aggressively trying to make that determination," Hurd said. "Conference alignment is a fluid situation across the board. Change and change on short notice seems like almost a daily occurrence. It's definitely our intent for the conference to continue well after the upcoming season."


dggoddard said...

This plan might work if they can poach some "name brand" schools into the conference.

If you can entice Gonzaga, other weatern based hoops-centric schools would fall into place pretty quickly.

Harumph said...

Thanks, Irv, for mentioning the hockey program in an article that has nothing to do with them. Oh and not taking an opportunity to mention the NCHC. FANTASTIC REPORTING!

What did he do, write that article from his La-Z-Boy drunk on Michelob Ultra?

I prefer tequila for my nonsense but I don't pretend anything I write is intellectual by printing it in a newspaper.

I hope the WAC makes some big strides otherwise DU had best bail and consider taking legal action against them if they cannot get into a decent, local, competitive DI conference.

Anonymous said...

Read the quote in the article from the commissioner. I'm not sure if he could have something that inspired less confidence in the future of the conference. I'll be very disappointed if DU doesn't find another home. Luckily, I have far more confidence in our school's leadership than I do of the WAC's.

Anonymous said...

DU wants another home for sure.

Who wants us is the question.

Anonymous said...

Change course, sounds like folding to me. The WAC will fold after 2012-13. There is little doubt.