Tuesday, September 04, 2012

5th Annual Pep Rally Promotes DU Sports

(above) Photos from DU's 5th Annual Pep Rally

From: DU Athletics Website

The University of Denver Athletics Department hosted the 5th annual Pioneer Pep Rally on Sunday evening at Magness Arena. All first-year and transfer students and their parents were invited to the festivities. 

The event was kicked off by DU student-athletes welcoming the students. Women's soccer head coach Jeff Hooker and women's basketball head coach Kerry Cremeans addressed the students as well.


dggoddard said...

Great to see this event continue to grow.

Kicks off School Spirit in a big way.

miller said...

Where was Boone?

mexico said...

Boone was busy blowing crack smoke into the faces of small children. It's called community outreach dumbass.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn’t it be great if DU could get that many students to the game at the Pepsi Center.

dggoddard said...

The Hockey Guy's website has the incoming college recruiting classes ranked and DU was #12. They also ranked DU's 2013 class #5.


Anonymous said...

Last year's DU exhibtion against McGill University had a solid student turnout - 200-300 I would guess. Most DU hockey games draw 300 students and the CC/Homecoming games draw 600-800.

I think they could probably get 300students out to Pepsi Center if they cared enough to put energy into it for the UBC game.

My guess is that DU would rather put more effort building on-campus crowds.

Anonymous said...

I’d say a dozen or so students will ride light rail to the Pepsi Center. DU students don’t like to ride public transportation. It’s icky and you have to rub shoulders with the unwashed masses.

Max Power said...

Almost blizzard season up in North Dakota I see. Trolls are starting to stake out the best bridge spots.