Monday, September 24, 2012

UND Party Leads To More Bad Boyz Sanctions

From: Grand Forks Herald
by Stephen J. Lee and Brad Schlossman

The University of North Dakota announced more suspensions for men’s hockey players stemming from a Sept. 15 team party, while a Grand Forks prosecutor said four additional players will be named Monday to face charges for underage drinking.

Sophomores Connor Gaarder, Andrew Panzarella and Stephane Pattyn — all of whom are at least 21 years old — have been suspended for UND’s Oct. 20 regular-season game against Alaska Fairbanks, the team’s second game of the season.

Earlier in the week, the school announced captains Andrew MacWilliam, Corban Knight, Danny Kristo and Carter Rowney — all of whom are also at least 21 — would sit out the season-opener on Oct. 19 against Alaska Anchorage.

UND also announced an additional one-game suspensions to Kristo and sophomore forward Brendan O’Donnell for violating athletic department policy unrelated to the team party, meaning Kristo will sit out the entire opening weekend. O’Donnell will miss UND’s game on Oct. 19 against Anchorage.
North Dakota Hockey Player Rap Sheet
August, 2005 - UND Captain Matt Greene arrested for DUI
July, 2006
- Robbie Bina Arrested For DUI
September, 2006 - Joe Finley arrested for "Loud Party"
November, 2006 - Jonathan Toews charged with "minor in consumption and noisy party gathering"
February, 2007 - Toews, T.J. Oshie & Bina arrested at Judy's Tavern
February, 2007- Grand Forks Police Chief Packett addresses team
April, 2007 - Toews & Oshie plead guilty
May, 2007 - Finley ordered to pay fine & perform community service
December, 2007 - Oshie arrested again, this time for disorderly conduct allegedly after peeing in an elevator
July, 2009 - Finley & Matt Frattin arrested for disorderly conduct, fleeing from police and giving false information
August, 2009 - Frattin arrested again. This time its DUI
September, 2010 - Danny Kristo cited by police for underage drinking

January, 2011 - Danny Kristo suffers frostbite in "Snowbank Incident"
April 2012 -
Michael Parks cited for underage drinking
August 2012 -
Dan Senkbeil cited for underage drinking & running from cops
August 2012 -
Michael Parks cited for underage drinking for 2nd time
September 2012 -
Captains Andrew MacWilliam, Corban Knight Danny Kristo & Carter Rowney suspended 1 game for "unacceptable behavior at team party." Additionally Connor Gaarder, Andrew Panzarella and Stephane Pattyn suspended 1 game

September 2012 - Danny Kristo and sophomore forward Brendan O’Donnell suspended one game for violating athletic department policy.


Anonymous said...

LOL....the picture, looks like Coach Eades. Classic. Congratulations, North Dakota!

Anonymous said...

Will North Dakota have any forwards on the ice for the 1st game?

Anonymous said...

At some point in time the old adage about "doing the same thing while expecting different results" has to come into play. Even in Grand Forks.

I mean, I know we're talking about 18-23 year olds, here, but.....damn.

Now, before you Sioux faithful break your keyboards in a frantic (and embarrassingly in-eloquent) attempt to criticize me, my family, Magness, DU's attendance, or what ever other tired talking point you can drag out of the dumpster of the Grand Forks Walmart, please understand the following:

1)Yes, I am aware that DU student-athletes drink and have parties; and

2)Yes, some of those party goers (and hosts!) are hockey players.

It just seems that DU players are able to accomplish all of this without local law enforcement (and, by proxy the local newspaper) habitually getting involved.

Anonymous said...

Denver police generally have more important things to do than worry about DU student drinking.

Grand Forks police probably don't have more important things to do.

Anonymous said...

I am a UND alum and I'm pissed about the situation. While there are a lot of UND fans that will defend even this, there are a lot that are calling for tougher punishments including getting rid of Kristo.

I agree w/ the above that the GF/UND police have nothing better to do. BUT if you play hockey for UND, you are a huge fish in a very little pond. The entire city and state for that matter is watching your every move. I understand there will be parties and drinking, but be smart about it. Our players need to show the university, GF, ND, and the entire college hockey community some respect and tone it down.

timt89 said...

Suspended for Alaska, Anchorage? First of all, I would suspect that a house league of all-star team from North Dakota could beat Alaska Anchorage. So, I am proposing my own set of more onerous sanctions against the bad boyz:
Make them read a book
Make them take a bath
Make them brush
Make them go to class
Make them write, "I am a drunk dope" 100 times on a blackboard
On second thought, if they could just complete two out of five, that would be progress...

Anonymous said...

DU and every school is only one party away from its own embarrassing headlines. Hopefully incidents at ND, BU, etc. can serve as a caution to others. While not directly related, I think it is promising to see DU varsity athletes from various sports come out to support soccer and volleyball this fall. Closer connections between the sports would seem to make for a very positive environment and perhaps take away time from more questionable activities.

Anonymous said...

Also helps that DU is a private school with a good understanding with DPD to handle most minor offenses that happen on campus in-house.

Anonymous said...

UND could learn from Denver on this one....Around here we simply call it "violating team rules". It doesn't get talked about, nobody sees anything, nobody says anything, nobody cares, and people look the other way. It's forgotten about before it even begins.

Anonymous said...

It's Tuesday and that means the fighting whioux? rap sheet is even longer than the day before....

Latest news is three underage whioux?freshman cited for underage alcohol consumption.

Wrack 'em up.

Anonymous said...

It's Tuesday and you can bet all nine of the DU fans are going to do nothing but talk about UND.

BTW....USA Today poll is out and DU is ranked 8th. That story doesn't involve UND so you homos probably didn't realize that.

Anonymous said...

Oh....and 8th seems really high looking at your upcoming roster.

timt89 said...

Gwoz loves a challenge and has always done a great job coaching a group of non-all-stars to play well together. I suspect they will have some ups and downs but by the end of the year he will have them playing good hockey. I, for one, am looking forward to a team of good players who will have to work hard to be successful. I think they will have a good year…8th place, during a rebuilding year? I would take that any day!

As for Hackstool and his goons, I wouldn't trade trade teams.

dggoddard said...

I have a hard time seeing DU finishing worse than 5th even if the wheels came off the bus.

The WCHA is so watered down these days and DU's defensive style of team defense is so smothering, they often perform well when overmatched.

DU's home schedule is a parade of cupcakes.

I think 3rd is realistic, maybe 4th if they have offensive problems.

Anonymous said... think top 5 in the nation? WCHA, Yes. Nation, 12th.

dggoddard said...

Top 5 in the WCHA.

DU has all non-conference games at home this season so I'd expect the Pairwise Ranking to be pretty strong by year end.

Anonymous said...

Lowell and Cornell are both above DU in the current rankings. AFA is always tough. UNH, Yale and BU are no slouches, either.

dggoddard said...


DU would be & probably will be favored over every one of those teams at home.

Anonymous said...

No doubt, it's an embarassment to the school, for sure - any school. If the program is truly tired of it, I think Dave Hackstol needs to just boot one of these guys off the team, if he wants to make a real statement. That might be the only way to get through to these kids. None of this, "token", slap on the wrist crap. "Oh, he's too good of a hockey player to be punished; we need him". I guess you've got to send a very hard message to get your team's attention.

Anonymous said...

The good news is that it's only a single game suspension with the exception of Kristo so they'll all be available to break necks when DU comes to GF in December.

Anonymous said...

Really? You're going down that road? Keep it up. You're so quick to forget about Bina's hit.