Debate Moves On & Life Returns To Normal At DU

(above) 50 second video of DebateFest 2012
(above) DU students at DebateFest

(above) The crowd at DebateFest

(above) Photo of the candidates and the crowd in Magness last night


Anonymous said...

Spectacular day for DU. Flawless organization on campus, colle DebateFEST, multiple mentions of DU by POTUS, and rave reviews from many of the 4,000 on campus media.

Anonymous said...

A great week for DU. I think expectations need to be managed a bit, in terms of expecting this to double applications to DU, as Hickenlooper (somewhat jokingly) said on the news. But the publicity that the school got SO worth the price that it paid, and DU should see the benefits for years to come. It's also nice to see this event boost school pride across the campus and the alumni.

dggoddard said...

If DU is able to get 8 extra full paying students who stay for four years, it nets the school $1.6 million.

Of course the $1.6 million was paid out of donations, so DU really didn't have to spend much besides the extra staff and set up.

Great job by the volunteers, staff and students involved in putting on, setting up and taking down the event.

Anonymous said...

Just the huge boost in DU campus pride was worth the $1.6 million.

The $30 million more in exposure from 4,000 media on campus, being the center of the political world for a few days and having a sitting President talking about your school to 100 million people?

Icing on the cake.

This was the best money DU has spent since building the Ritchie Center.

Anonymous said...

1:49: I agree 100%.

I counted five mentions of DU during the actual debate. And whoever did the signage on campus did an amazing job--pretty much every shot of the surroundings on the local and national news that I saw had DU signage in the background. Extra bonus to have Chris Matthews talking to Boone.

Anonymous said...

Damn. 2 DU players suspended until the 2nd game of the MTU Huskies series.... what'd they do, yell CC SUCKS last night at the Debate? Tabrum's out on medical too.... dayammmm bro! Not the start I anticipated.