Denver Post Profiles Dan Ritchie

Former DU Chancellor Dan Ritchie
From: Denver Post
by William Porter

Not too many years ago, and certainly within living memory of many of its graduates, the University of Denver was known as a school with a first-class hockey team and some distinguished alumni but not much else.

On Wednesday, DU places another feather in what is now a festooned hat: It hosts Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in the first 2012 presidential debate in the campus' Magness Arena, part of the gleaming Ritchie Center complex.

Daniel Ritchie, the center's namesake, will have to feel a surge of pride [read entire article].


Anonymous said...

Not enough good can be said about Ritchie. I think some people have their issues with how he handled the athletic department, but without him there might not be an athletic department. Under his leadership DU went from a below average trust fund school to a top national performer and one of the elite colleges in the rocky mountain region.

He was a true Pioneer. Great man. I just wish one of the two guys that will be in Magness tomorrow night could do 1/100 for the country as what Ritchie did for DU.

Is it too early for Ritchie/Boone 2016 bumper stickers? (I know he tried to kill Boone, but that ticket will unite the masses).

Anonymous said...

Agree entirely. "Boonedoggle" aside, Chancellor Dan did GREAT things for DU. If not for him, we'd still be in debt, we wouldn't have D-1 athletics, we'd certainly not be tying a bow on a capital campaign, and almost half our campus wouldn't be brand-spankin-new.

Even if he looks like Mr. Burns and had an assistant who looks a lot like Smithers (whatever happened to Smithers, anyway - is he still in DU administration?), Ritchie was one of the best things to happen to Pio-nation.