1984 & 2012 DU Homecoming Float Photos

(above) This 1980's era photo was posted on Facebook over the weekend - Notice Budweiser sponsorship logo on float :-)

The photo above is an elaborate "homemade" float participating in the 1984 DU Homecoming Parade.  Although student participation is much, much larger these days, the floats back in the day were quite cool.

(above) The 2012 DUPB Float was one of the more elaborate floats this year
If you check out the link to the photos of this years' Homecoming Parade, the participation is far greater these days.  The crowds along the parade route have been very impressive in recent years.

Old School vs. New School ... the debate continues.


dggoddard said...

Congrats to DU's womens soccer team. They finished the regular season with a 14-1-4 record.

"The #23 ranked DU women’s soccer team won a share of the Western Athletic Conference regular season title on Sunday, as the Pioneers shut out Seattle 2-0 in the regular season finale on Sunday afternoon at Championship Field."

Anonymous said...

Today's FU Homecoming floats are built an hour or two before the parade.

25 years ago, they were built the night before the parade.

50 Years ago, the floats were built a week before the parade.

Different times, different priorities.

Anonymous said...

There also wasn't a parade for several years but started again back in 04 by some kid in DUPB.

dggoddard said...

Props to the DUPB kid. :-)

Anonymous said...

Would be great if DU Students showed up for hockey games. This past Friday night's South Stands had maybe 6 rows of students. I'm sure you'll all show up for the North Dakota and CC games.

Anonymous said...

There were WAY more than 6 rows of students this weekend. More like 15-20 rows - About 500 students each night - which is very good for a school DU's size (5K undergrad) in a city with much to do at night and against a historically bottom-half-WCHA opponent.

We get about 700-750 students for CC.

This was a very good DU turnout.