The Pumpkin That Lauched A Mascot

For those that don't know or remember the entire backstory...

A University of Denver Alum from Atlanta emailed LetsGoDU this photo of his "Pumpkin Boone" in 2008.  The Bring Back Boone movement was gathering momentum across campus until Chancellor Coombe's decision that, "Boone would not become the official mascot of the University of Denver."

After Coombe's controversial decision, Richard emailed me again and said, "Lets just build a Boone mascot anyway."

So LetsGoDU published an article and asked for donations. 25 alums, students and fans sent in checks totaling $4,800.  The Boone mascot was designed, built and purchased from a company in Toronto in time for the 2009 Frozen Four in Washington DC.

As as Boonemania sweeps across Pionation, know that without this carved Halloween pumpkin there would not have been a Boone mascot costume.

Happy Halloween PioNation.


Anonymous said...

Sorry your super classy alum Bozak ruined Halloween for "pionation." Keep it classy DU. Keep it classy!! Very nice. What a racist prick!

Derp said...

I don't think Rich should be allowed to play with fire, at least not when drunk.