Denver Post Profiles DU Legend Ron Grahame

(above) DU alum Ron Grahame has been a player, assistant hockey coach and Athletic Department administrator at DU in the past five decades
photo credit:  Aaron Ontiveroz
From: Denver Post
by Irv Moss

DU's  associate athletic director Ron Grahame still holds many of DU's goaltending records, played in the NHL and won a WHA Avco Cup with Gordie Howe and sons in Houston, but he's probably most proud of having his wife and his son's name on the Stanley Cup [read entire article].


dggoddard said...

Ronnie is a class act.

DU hockey wouldn't be where it is today without his direction and support.

Anonymous said...

Would like Ronnie become our AD if Peg ever leaves us.

He has the all sports management skills and has the realve love for DU - the only thing he needs more of is to develop a more forceful public persona. He is a classic quiet Canadian!

Anonymous said...

Good guy for sure. DU is lucky to have a Hockey Guy in the AD role.

Anonymous said...

Yep. Ron Grahame is a Pio in every sense. DU is lucky to have such a great guy.

dggoddard said...

You can't underestimate how important it is to have the #2 guy in the Athletic Department be a "hockey guy."

Does the NCHC even get formed if DU, UND & CC don't immediately jump into action? The NCHC has Ronnie & George's fingerprints all over it.

Its going to be a great legacy and turned a potential disaster into a great asset for college hockey.

old pio said...

In addition to all of the attributes discussed, it's also nice to have someone who came out of the Armstrong era associated with DU hockey. Institutional memory is very important (especially for old geezers like me)but has never been a DU strength. We're getting better at it. And having a guy like Ronnie around gives us a reference point.

dusince59 said...

Above all he is a gentleman

Murray'sHat said...

Cool trivia: Ron Grahame played in goal in the first ever major league hockey game in Mc Nichols Arena, for the. Houston Aeros of the WHA. The first goalie to play in the Pepsi Center? Ron's son, John Graham, for the Bruins.