Monday, November 12, 2012

DU Moves Up To #2 In Latest College Hockey Poll

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I am sick of this east coast bias. If we we played BC 10 times we would win 9 times. Since we kicked the shit out of them last year they refuse to play us. I cant wait for the boyz to kick the shit out of the tigers.

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Anon 7:27,

HAHAHAHA! Are you fucking serious? 9 out of 10 times. Bold statement. Real bold statement. I am so sure that after you win the national title you look back and give two shits about the loss to DU. You are seriously the typical DU fan. Don't know shit about the game. Nothing. DU's off to a great start, but who the fuck have you played? How about DU growing some balls and actually playing a non-conference game on the road. Your non-conference schedule is joke. I am sure BC would play you anytime, anywhere. I hope you just jinxed the rest of DU's season.

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You are ranked 2nd because you hven't played anyone. 2 away games at Mankato? St. Cloud, Tech, Lowell, and AF at home? I am sorry kids, your record is expected. Sweep CC, UND, and MN and then we'll chat.

Anonymous said...

I think our BC basher was just kidding around.

Honestly, serious DU fans DU know that DU would lucky to win 3 or 4 out of 10 vs BC this year.

DU has beaten a then ninth-ranked team at home (Lowell) and and 18th ranked SCSU team on the road. That's it.

CC will be a tougher test this weekeend, we'll have to see how that plays out vs tougher teams.

Our non-con is no joke, either.
We play BU, UNH, Lowell, Yale, Cornell (2) and Air Force. Most of those teams are expected to battle for conference titles.

Anonymous said...

SCSU win was at home.

dggoddard said...

7 of the 8 NCHC teams are ranked in the Top 20.

Needless to say the schedule will be a lot tougher starting next season.

#2 DU
#4 Miami
#6 North Dakota
#9 Western Michigan
#14 Colorado College
#15 St Cloud State
#18 Nebraska-Omaha
NR Minnesota-Duluth

Anonymous said...

My issue with your non-con schedule is that you don't play any road games. Unreal.

Anonymous said...

That NCHC stat is unreal!!! You know Duluth won't be unranked in the years to come either.

Wonder if that will hurt the NCHC teams in the rankings after they getting done pounding on each other. You know MN, Mich, and Wisc will get to pound on MSU, OSU, and Penn State and then schedule their in-state cupcake schedule. Ten they'll sit back and talk about what a superior conf they are.

dggoddard said...

DU's nonconference schedule is pretty easy to explain.

DU plays Air Force once other year at home. This year the game fell at home.

DU owes Cornell a visit for two games next year.

Boston University got an exemption to come out to Denver for the Hall of Fame Game. The game had to be rescheduled from Oct because DU hosted the Presidential Debate.

UNH & Yale agreed to come out to Colorado for the Denver Cup. DU cancelled the tourney when they couldn't find a third team, so they teamed up with Colorado College to host on alternate nights.

Next season DU will only have 24 conference games in the NCHC and will spend more time on the road.

And perhaps most important, DU flys to every road game except CC. While almost every college hockey team plays almost all games within three hours or less from home, DU travels thousands of miles every season.

Anonymous said...

Im glad Gwoz is taking the Red Berenson approach. We dont need to travel. Teams want to come here to play us. We have one of the top arenas, top attendance and an unreal game atmosphere. IMO why play any road ooc games.

Anonymous said...

We'll see how that non-con schedule prepares you for the tourney.

dggoddard said...

DU has 7 remaining games against teams ranked in the Top 10 this week.

They have 18 games this season against teams in the Top 20 this week.

They'll probably play one or two more games against top teams in the WCHA playoffs.

To say DU won't be battle tested is ridiculous.

dggoddard said...

According to the KRACH formula, DU's strength of schedule thus far is ranked 15th out of 59 teams.

CC's schedule is #42
UND's is #6
Minnesota is #40
SCSU is #4
UAA is #11
UNO is #46
Bemidji is #22
Mankato is #26
Tech is #12
UMD is #45
WIS is #44

DU is ranked #4 in KRACH, #3 in Pairwise, #3 in PWR & #2 in the Polls.

All seems about right.

Anonymous said...

Just proves that the only reason cc has looked respectable thus far is their cupcake schedule.

mexico said...

It seems that since Donald shut his blog down someone needed to step up and fill void. Here it is kids, your new black hole of disappearing comments.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, DU probably wins vs. BC 3-4 times out of ten games right now. I suspect our odds would increase to 5 out of 10 by the end of the season. And it's the end of the season game that will likely be the money game. Just glad that DU is 7-1. I was prepared for 6-4 after 10 games. Pretty much everyone, including me, underestimated their offense, and the amount of time it would take to click. Some adjustments still need to be made--Loney needs to play a more disciplined game, for example. But things are looking good at the moment.

Anonymous said...

To say CC's schedule has been any easier than DU's schedule THUS FAR, is an absolute joke. Overall their schedule may be easier, but thus far its pretty comparable to DU's. Believe they've actually hit the road more.

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah still number one in the wcha media. Bitches you are all behind us...