DU Finds Itself Embroiled In C.I.A. Scandal

(above) Paula Broadwell's speech at the University of Denver in October may have contained national security secrets
Not content with its historical role as a premier finishing school for children of eastern-elite hedge fund managers & Third World dictators, the University of Denver aspired to become something more, "A great private institution dedicated to the public good."

Step One was hosting the first 2012 Presidential Debate that almost cost a near-comatose Barack Obama a Second Term.

Now its revealed that a 2006 honors graduate of the University of Denver's Josef Korbel School of International Studies has been sleeping with the head of the Central Intelligence Agency.  Not only that, but DU alumnea Paula Broadwell may have divulged national security secrets while giving a speech at the University of Denver in October.

Recently the FBI began an investigation of Broadwell, whom allegedly sent threatening emails to another women, Jill Kelley, she suspected of also having an affair with CIA Director David Petraeus. The FBI obtained Broadwell's computer, which containing classified documents, leading to FBI scrutiny of her relationship with Petraeus.

The fallout is that C.I.A. head-honcho David Petraeus has resigned in disgrace because of the affair.  Broadwell's emails set off the chain reaction that ruined his career and legacy.

It turns out that Broadwell was born and raised in North Dakota becoming valedictorian, student body president and homecoming queen of her local high school in Bismark, ND.  Broadwell was voted “most likely to be remembered" in her high school yearbook.


dggoddard said...

You can't buy this sort of publicity.

Anonymous said...

I went to the Broadwell speech at DU.

1) She's hot in person.

2) She's really dangerous.

3) She's the perfect output of DU's inclusive excellence, and well, Harvard, North Dakota, West POint and Kings College, London. 4704

Anonymous said...

DU, Harvard, West Point and King's College, London.

We're in very good company for producing smart, hot, narcissistic GOP homewrecker to bring down the head of the CIA.

I love it!

Aluuum said...

Hey, The Korbel school of international Relations really knows how to teach career advancement principles. Now I know why their are so highly regarded.

tinfoil said...

They both wanted to expose the reptilian conspiracy and therefore were removed from their high profile positions so that the elitist overlords could continue to destroy our world unabated.

Read a book, ffs.

Anonymous said...

I hate those elitist overlords, and Ted Nugent does, too! By the way, I would like to say that Ted Nugent is a man of great wisdom. If I have children, I pray that they turn into Ted Nugents. Little Ted Jr. will be shooting deer in the face with a crossbow as he exits the womb. Long live Ted Nugent. May he continue to cry tears of blood in his righteous struggle against the elitist overlords.

Max Power said...

Ted Nugent is a hologram just like Tupac.

Anonymous said...

The Oct. 26 DU alumni symposium speech by Paula Broadwell is becoming an important piece of history and running on national networks. DU is the current university where history happens in real time - with the Presidential Debate and now this Petraeus scandal, this a big positive for DU.

Just keep spelling the name right!

achsdu17 said...

May I ask... What's the big deal about this scandal? It's not like celebrities and politicians aren't caught with this stuff everyday.

dggoddard said...

National security secrets, generals exposing themselves to potential blackmail, the CIA running private detention camps in Libya & who knows what else.

It doesn't get much bigger than this.

dggoddard said...

Whoops Jill Kelley & husband owe millions to the banks.