Denver Post: Olkinuora Stepping Up For DU

(above) Jussi Olkinuora leads the WCHA in GAA & Save %

From: Denver Post
by Mike Chambers
Given that the NCAA allows only 18 scholarships for a Division I hockey team, carrying three scholarship goalies is one more than necessary, or needed, for most programs.

But not if you're the Denver Pioneers, a.k.a. Goaltending U.

Sophomore Juho "Jussi" Olkinuora, who joined DU as a walk-on in July 2011, is now the team's top goalie. The 22-year-old Finn has continually outplayed senior Adam Murray and junior Sam Brittain since agreeing to serve as Murray's backup when Brittain underwent major knee surgery after his sensational freshman season in 2010-11 [read entire article].


dggoddard said...

I think Michigan only needed four scholarship goalies [Turco, Blackburn, Montoya & Sauer] in decade while DU has three on the roster in one season.

ayoungerdu said...

Olkinuora has been spectacular in net despite the recent DU nosedive. He's the best player this season hands down.

4eyedzebra said...

Goaltending by committee is not working. Gwoz needs to pick one and stick with him

Twister said...

No question Juho has been terrific this year. It'll be interesting to see how things play out at that position for the rest of the season. One thing is for sure though--this DU team needs to start winning games, now. Whoever gives the team the best chance to win (and that certainly appears to be Juho right now) is the one who should be playing.

anonevermore said...

Yep, he saved our bacon, and prevented an 8 game losing streak. Seems like a cool kid, nice to see him in the spotlight.

Nincompoop said...

It's a great article and just a cool story. If Sam had not of been hurt that one summer - nobody here would ever know who Jussi was. If he does this well the 2nd half of the season, the NHL teams will be paying close attention to him.