Denver 6 - Boston University 0 FINAL

The University of Denver hockey team started off the second half of the season the same way they began it.  Scoring plenty of goals goals and playing stifling defense on Saturday night at Magness Arena.

Shawn Ostrow, Zac Larraza, Quinten Shore, Nick Shore, Chris Knowlton & Nolan Zajac scored for DU.

Pioneers goaltender Juho Olkinoura recorded his third career shutout while BU was shutout for the first time in 125 games.  The longest such streak in college hockey.

DU Lineup
Loney - N. Shore - Knowlton
Larraza - Ostrow - Doremus
Jacobson - Q. Shore - Tabrum
Levin - Arnold

Phillips - Mayfield
D. Mermis - LaLeggia
Zajac - Makowski

Juho Olkinoura


du78 said...

Score was 6-0

old pio said...

I doubt even the most optimistic Pioneer fan would have expected this. Good stuff everywhere you look. Let's hope the Pioneers have shaken off that scoring funk for good and are set to make a drive to the post season.

ayoungerdu said...

That was the DU quality hockey that we've been missing for the past few weeks. Everyone contributed and Olkinuora continues to be stellar in net.

Boonetown said...

Just what the doctor ordered.

The beginning of the second period was shaky, and the guys weathered the storm.

BU has some talent. Their goalie gave up way too many rebounds. Better goalie could have been a closer game.

I don't understand the game misconduct to Mayfield. The call was contact to the head, but the guy was limping.

Watching the referree Don Adam slip and fall flat on his back with nobody around cracked me up.

miller said...

BU must have made a stop in ND on their way here. Those last hits on Q Shore were nothing but pure goon hockey.

Ok, the question of the day is will Gwoz start Jussi both nights against Cornell? This guy is incredible. Very business like in his approach, never seems to get rattled.

Great night of Pio hockey. Nice way to start the second half of the season.

BTW, where in the world is the older Mermis?? He has gone MIA since before Christmas.

dggoddard said...

Jarrod Mermis was serving a suspension until Xmas according to Chambers Blog. He probably now needs to earn his way back into the lineup. May be tough with DU only rolling 11 forwards.

Garrett Allen has an injured finger and tweeted that he was going to have sugery over Xmas Break.

Crazy L said...

The 2 BU guys working over Quentin Shore was totally the Hansons banging those guys into the boards. BU came unhinged in that game.

Let's hope the DU we saw in the first period last night is the real deal.

Juho turned in a magnificent performance. Great game and great to see/hear/feel some energy in that building.

Totally agree with the above comment on why Mayfield was tossed. I will give the refs credit in keeping somewhat control over that game. Lots of borderline roughing calls but that game was a powder keg!

Nincompoop said...

Boy, they are really focusing on protecting the players' heads all of the sudden. I guess that's a good thing; I'm curious to know if it's being enforced like that in the CCHA and other leagues as well. Last night, it seemed like all a guy had to do was point at a guys helmet and you got called with a penalty.

vizoroo said...

With Scotty's heigth and wingspan anyone within 7 feet could get smacked in the head accidentally.

With all the goonery by BU and Mayfield's "nasty" side the only good thing you could say about losing him early in the game:
he didn't risk a DQ for fightong.

ayoungerdu said...

Anyone notice that a lot of the minor penalties they called last night had "continuation to the head" attached to them? What is it, contact to the head or not?

anonevermore said...

Good job, DU. I certainly didn't see that result coming. A combination of excellent DU goaltending, subpar BU goaltending, opportunistic DU offense, and undisciplined play by BU. In any case, this was a big win to get some confidence going again.

DU/CC Dad said...

The impression I got from the "continuation" call is that it is basically a 2 minute major...where the player penalized doesn't come out of the box if the other team scores. It appears to be a way for the refs to call an "intermediate" penalty, where they don't think it warrants a 5 minute major but is more than a standard 2 minute minor. I could be wrong but that's what I took away from the calls last night. If anybody knows for sure, let us know.


ScrewUND said...

Contact to the head penalties are given 3 minutes instead of 2. However, the problem is that the scoreboards are pre-programmed for 2, 4, and 5 minute increments, so they have to work some magic in order to get the 3 minutes in. It's a new rule that was adopted by the NCAA at the beginning of November.

So, there you have it!

Nincompoop said...

Huh. I think that's dumb. A 5 is a 5.... Not a 3. What's next...... tripping going to be called "slashing to the thigh, continuation to the feet"?? If they want to protect the head, then it should be 5 across the board every time. That just gives coaches and captains more to argue about after it is called. Hitting someone in the head should not be subject to debate.

ScrewUND said...

About a third of the way down... very confusing stuff to read through. Hope this helps you all understand the game a bit better!

Richard Kuerston said...

The source here appears to be the 2010 championship handbook, not the actual (2012-14) rulebook (links below). Plus, I couldn't really find what you were referencing. Maybe what you were seeing was a reference to game protocol?

At first I thought this might be something the conference had done above and beyond the NCAA rules, but I don't think that is the case.

The NCAA has no three minute penalty, and the rule changes come out in September, not November (no mid-season changes). Moreover, its approach to head contact calls has been in the opposite direction (stricter, stronger options, not creating lesser options).

Straight (direct/targeted)"Contact to the Head" calls have a VERY strict standard and are limited to two options: Major and a Game or a DQ. When indirect contact results following a different foul to a different part of the body (ie a hit to the shoulder by the elbow, which then slides up the shoulder and makes contact with the neck or head) the rule may be supplemented in such a way as to provide the official with more (lesser) options by allowing the official to call the primary foul (elbowing) not the secondary foul (head contact).

Bottom line, I'm going to guess that there was some knucklehead handling the penalty time on the scoreboard and/or the screen. Or, perhaps the officials or the scorekepper or penalty box operator screwed up. They do that all the time. Plus, the NCAA wouldn't tolerate a venue not being able to put up the correct penalty time - and they certainly wouldn't tolerate it for four seasons.

Lots of info can be found here:

It is entirely possible that I'm missing something here - but I'm pretty familiar with the last two NCAA rulebooks and haven't heard of this.

Regardless, happy new year.