GF Herald: DU & UND Have Dominated WCHA

(above) It will be a madhouse in Grand Forks this weekend
WCHA Domination: "Either UND or Denver have been in 15 of the last 16 WCHA championship games."
TV: Fox College Sports-Central
DirectTV #626 - Comcast Denver #414

by Brad Schlossman

Joe Gleason is willing to admit it.

“I don’t think either team likes the other one very much,” the UND senior said. 

That’s bound to happen when you’re battling each other for college hockey’s top prizes year in and year out. 

The University of Denver will take on North Dakota once again this weekend (6:30 PM MT tonight, 7:00 PM MT Saturday) in a matchup between two programs that have consistently been among the league’s best during the past decade and more [read entire article].


dggoddard said...

Can't find the game on Dish Network's TV Guide.

The game should be available tonight on DirecTV, ATT U-Verse, Verison, Google Fiber & many local cable companies that offer FCS-Central in their "Expanded Sports Tier."

You may have to order the "Sports Tier" but you can always cancel the package a few days later.

Verison FiOS - #301

ATT U-verse - #648

Google Fiber - #FCS Central

Dish Network - Not available

dggoddard said...

Any sports bar/restaurant that has DirecTV should be able to pull up Channel #626.

miller said...

if you have Comcast, it's on channel 411 in Denver.

Nincompoop said...

Screw you Dish Network. :(

anonevermore said...

Thanks for the heads up Miller. But the Comcast listings show it as being on channel 414. Not sure what is up with that.

dggoddard said...

Maybe the Comcast channel depends on your zip code in Denver. Either way its on Comcast and if you don't get Channel #411/414, you can call them and get it turned on for a few dollars a month.

It should be available on all Comcast systems nationwide but the channel for FCS-Central may vary.

anonevermore said...

Awesome. Bonus TV hockey. I didn't know I would be able to even watch this game. GO DU! Hope the boys get back on track this weekend.

miller said...

I am not sure what happened to Sam, after a good start. Allowing 5 goals against UNH might have gotten into his head.

The defense needs to step it up this weekend. You know that the ND goons will never hold back.

anonevermore said...

Whatever, hopefully there is less stupidity in this series, and good clean hockey. I am tired of the BS and injuries, and just want to see some good hockey. Too bad Didier is out this weekend, he provides a good physical presence out there. I predict a very good series from Mayfield and Knowlton.

Nincompoop said...

Any more news on Dish Network availability? I guess I was hoping it would be buried on one of the higher channels somewhere. That sucks

Nincompoop said...

Whenever these 2 teams play, I always wish I could sit and watch it with former guys like Rob Bina, Rakshani, Martin, Connor James, Brad Malone, Oshie, Parise, Ruegsegger or Testwuide. I'd by the beers..... just sit and BS. Man that would be great.