Trevor Tierney: Not A Fan Of Verbal Commitments

(above) Trevor Tierney is not a fan of "verbal commitments"
"I stay out of the recruiting. This is why I walked away from a secure and lucrative career in coaching. I could not stand the whole idea of recruiting and how it was done, especially with the early verbal commitments that were being made."

-DU Volunteer Assistant Coach, Trevor Tierney

University of Denver volunteer assistant lacrosse coach Trevor Tierney has an opinionated website centered around his lifetime playing and coaching lacrosse. This week he delved into college recruiting and the controversial "Verbal Commitment." 

Whether you are a fan of college lacrosse, hockey, basketball or football or some other sport; recruiting is the lifeblood of any program.

Check out the article. Its an amazing and at times shocking look into the underbelly of college recruiting.


dggoddard said...

Guessing DU's Athletic Department will not be too thrilled about an article like this.

Anyone who has followed Chris Heisenberg's college hockey recruiting website will be familiar with many of the topics that Tierney brings up in the article.

Certainly Minnesota, Michigan & Wisconsin [to name a few] got into an arms race several years ago recruiting younger and younger players. I think most would agree that it didn't work out.

College hockey has the added dimension of major junior teams in Canada poaching recruits which exacerbates the situation.

Jason "Lunchbox" Myers said...

Trevor posted an interesting podcast where he discusses recruiting issues with his Dad, DU head coach Bill Tierney. Some really interesting tidbits there.