Root Sports To Televise DU vs. Cornell On Friday

Friday, January 4

7:30 PM MT       Cornell at University of Denver

DU's Lineup Tonight

Loney - N.Shore - Knowlton
Larraza - Ostrow - Doremus
Jacobson - Q. Shore - Tabrum
Levin - Arnold

Phillips - Mayfield
Zajac - Makowski
LaLeggia - Didier



Unknown said...

I have a question about ROOT. In years gone by, when it was Fox Rocky Mountain, Fox College Sports picked up most of the DU games. This year, not one. Anyone know why?

du78 said...

Don't know why FCS isn't picking up any ROOT Sports DU games. Doesn't look like they are picking up Friday's Cornell game or the following Saturday's UNO game.

dggoddard said...

Root Sports is a subsidiary of DirecTV and has no affiliation with Fox. There are three Root Sport branches in Pittsburgh, Rocky Mountains and Northeast.

This is also why you can't get any of the Root Sports on ATT U-Verse or Dish Network.

du78 said...

They were ROOT Sports last year and FCS picked up a bunch of games. Maybe they don't think it is worth it with only 6 games on ROOT this season.

Imaws Kcup said...

Dish has Root

Nincompoop said...

All I know is.....I miss Rizzo

Unknown said...

Is the game being streamed online anywhere to watch? I'm not in Denver and unfortunately do not have Root Sports in my TV Package. I checked pioneervision and it looks like the only thing available is audio... anyone know if I can find the video stream anywhere?