Boone Controversy Goes To Student Senate Tonight

(above) Mile High Mids Blog looks at recent events on campus swirling around Boone

Let's face it. One thing you can say about Coloradans is they don't like outsiders.  Drive to the Rockies and count how many bumper stickers say "Texans Go Home" or "Visualize Moving Your Yuppie Ass Back To California."  The practice apparently goes back to the 1800's when Native Americans didn't like the influx of Pioneers.

Tonight a former Boone performer, DU Senior Zeke Perez and a current Boone performer will appear in front of DU's Undergraduate Student Government.  Its going to be a circus because the after all the grandstanding, the USG will "decide" Boone is not a viable option for a school mascot.  If only O.J. Simpson had it this easy in court.

The DU Clarion reports that a DU task force has started hearing ideas for a new mascot, though they are not making any official suggestions at this point. Suggestions for images such as an astronaut, gold miner, an ox and an elk have been proposed.

Of course no one really knows specifically why Boone is so offensive to the students.   They've never proposed an alternate mascot.  Rumor has it they will purchase the new mascot with customized $20 bills without President Andrew Jackson on the front because, like Boone, he's offensive.


UDenver20 said...

So I'm clear, they're voting not to fund a mascot that they haven't funded, right?

I ask because, you know, their legislation is not available because, you know, their damn website hasn't been updated in months. It's a little tough to do one's own research...

miller said...

If they decide to throw Boone under the bus, I suggest that the student government select a mascot that most resembles their thought process:

Jack Ass

dggoddard said...

Boone's had an amazing run since 2008. Tons of great memories and friendships made throughout the process.

Many, many people contributed to Boone's success including students, alumni and fans.

No doubt we gave it our all and Boone is leaving on top. The Harlem Shake video was epic.

Turbulent days lie ahead. I just can't imagine the possible repercussions will transpire.

Whatever mascot they choose is doomed for failure. The old adage in sports is, "Never follow a Legend."

Boone became legend at DU.

timt89 said...

Think of the offensive alternatives..
--Gold Miners deface the planet and carry dangerous pick axes.
--Ox were oppressed and overworked by the Pioneers (of all people!)
--Astronauts are a sign of nationalistic, jingoistic America, planting flags on foreign planets (If only they planted the UN flag!)
--Innocent Elk are slaughtered for meals by carnivores across the US ...
Too bad Stanford already took the Tree.

miller said...

When you walk into Magness, who is pictured next Stasny on the mural, Boone.

As the old saying goes: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" I use the chicken hawk Ruckus as a perfect example of that quote.

For those of us that have been involved in some small way with the resurrection of Boone, it has been a pleasure.

UDenver20 said...

What will change if the UGS vote passes:

Boone's chance at being "official" will greatly decrease.
Boone's university funding will go from $0 to $0.

What won't change:
His usage by students and alumni will continue.
He'll still be unofficial.
He'll still have a huge following.
He'll still end up being the favorite of the student body.
He still won't be "owned" by UGS.
HE'll still be the face of student spirit.

People need to stop talking in the past tense as if this vote will actually have an adverse impact on Boone's presence.

Again, NOTHING will change for Boone unless DU is going to go thermonuclear and attempt to retract the Chancellor's well-documented abdication of the IP associated with using his likeness and/or Peg issues an edict that only official mascots can be at our events... (two hugely bad ideas if they (a) care about their ASCEND campaign and (b) don't want to lose the momentum they've gained in student support for athletics...

In the absence of a sane, reasoned, historically educated position by either the instituion or UGS... I'd argue Boone will be even better off without being under their thumbs...

anonevermore said...

Sam is apparently so moved by the protestors at the Harlem Shake, that he can't accept the idea of Boone anymore? Ridiculous. I can pretty much guarantee that the process of coming up with something to replace Boone will be laughable, and will probably be shelved within a couple years. Boone represents Pioneers. Oxes are awesome, but having an ox as a mascot is ridiculous, and will cause as much confusion as any of the other proposals that they will come up with. Viva Boone!

dggoddard said...

Can you imagine what will happen to the poor kid in the ox/elk/astronaut/miner outfit?

I hope DU is going to give the student hazard pay.

dggoddard said...

A live report from Campus.

Students gathered 165 signatures in the dorms and in front of the classroom today to take to the Senate meeting tonight.

Our current Boone student has been stopped all over campus by concerned students asking him, "What is going on?"

old pio said...

Aside from being a pompous little twit, Estenson strikes me as the kind of guy in an earlier era, who would have ratted out his parents to the Gestapo.

Jordan said...

^^ Comments like that add no credibility to this side of the argument. Not that it's out of character for Old Pio.

Thoughtful responses are far more valuable.

Jordan said...

Also, as mentioned before, how much does this really mean if USG is voting not to fund something they haven't funded in the first place? Last time that happened DG and crew just took a different approach. I don't really understand why this is getting so much attention. Maybe some righteous students that weren't here last time around? I see no reason for either camp to get so bent out of shape.

dggoddard said...

DU has formed a hand-selected "task force" to find a new mascot that specifically is designed to sidestep the majority of students and alumni.

Trying not to be too dramatic here, but its like a dictator formed a committee to design a new flag that will feature the likeness of the dictator on the flag.

Its pure rhetoric.

Imaws Kcup said...

Secretly, the USG are huge Boone supporters. Nothing like a little contrived controversy to get emotions boiling. Honestly, I didn't even like Boone before the University took him away. Now I love him. Each instance like this makes me an even bigger supporter of him. Last time I gave a $100 to create Boone. Now I'll give $200 or more to support him.

Seriously USG, keep up the good work. Boone supporters across the country and world appreciate your efforts.

dggoddard said...

No one gave a crap about Boone in the Eighties when I was a student. He must of been one of the worst mascot's in the history of college sports.

Boone's head was made out of chicken wire and looked like something that was made 15 minutes before a Homecoming Parade by a fraternity or sorority member who woke up with a massive hangover.

Jordan said...

In that case, DG, once this is all over, we'll be back where we started with Ruckus and Boone. Boone will still be unofficial, those who care about him will support him, with attention, enthusiasm and financing. DU can have an "official" mascot who is less "offensive," who will probably also get very little attention. And everyone, in a way, gets mostly what they want.

dggoddard said...


You're probably right.

The only glue holding this idiotic decision together is Coombe. If he gets shitcanned, all bets are off.

His management style and handling of this issue is pathetic. If he can't see how all this could blow up in his face he's either crazy or stupid.

I have no clue who's on DU's B.O.T. but what happens if someone is sending their kid to DU, is on the Board and starts hearing these crazy stories..

ayoungerdu said...

No words can describe how ridiculous I think this is. Even if the school and student senate were to "choose" a new mascot, then you'd still have a hand full of students who were offended by the image or whatever the mascot represents. We will NEVER please everyone and we live in a society where majority rule is essential. If what we've seen in past polls is correct then 80 - 90% of the student body support Boone.

All those associated with the University of Denver are Pioneers and no astronaut, animal, etc. is going to better symbolize that then Boone. Boone was originally name "The Pioneer" until the student body voted on his name. So if these students are offended by the name "Boone", then the image shouldn't be offensive. But I think another thing that people deny is that the Pioneers (including Boone) and the Native Americans killed each other. There's no way we can justify what group was right and wrong but it happened. And if the Pioneers didn't come to the west, then there would be no Colorado or University of Denver.

Chicago_F_Racer said...

I love Boone but I think having Boone as the 'unofficial mascot' helps to improve spirit and gets people more excited. I prefer Boone over anything but it's way cooler to have an unofficial mascot than an official one.

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