Denver 5 - North Dakota 4 FINAL

(above) Joy in PioNation
(above) Lots of Boone sightings on NBC Sports Network telecast
The University of Denver scored three goals against North Dakota in the second period to take control of a thrilling game at Magness Arena on Friday night.

Denver Post Game Recap


old pio said...

What more could you ask for? DU beats the "oppressed native Americans" and Boone shots on TV. Sweet.

dggoddard said...

Nothing like a game against the olde arch rivals to bring out an inner toughness thats been sorely lacking at times this season.

Power play looked as good as ever at times tonight. Boyz moving the puck crisply and confidently around the ice.

DU also got physical when they took the lead.

Nice effort all round.

Twister said...

Terrific gutsy win tonight for DU. After that shorty by UND in the 3rd, the clock just couldn't move fast enough, as UND was coming in waves and generating a lot of offensive pressure. Juho stood tall, though, and DU held on. Great game. If DU can manage another W tomorrow night it could be the springboard to a postseason run.

I thought Ty Loney had one of his best games as a Pioneer. He was physical, effective around the net, and created space out there for some other guys. If he can do that on a consistent basis, he can be a special player. I really like what he and Larazza bring to the table.

I'm not sure this UND squad has the elite offensive talent of teams in the recent past, but there are still a lot of very good players on that team. Their goaltending appears suspect, but otherwise they were impressive. It was strange not seeing the Sioux jerseys out there. Those were some of the best in all of sports.

anonevermore said...

Loney almost blew it but the boys come thru and losers walk.

Nincompoop said...

Nice to see Aspen's pride and joy (aka Doremus) having good things happen since they moved him to Center. And how about that Juho Olkinuora and the golden man David Lassonde?? Don't forget - if Sam Brittain hadn't gotten injured during summer camp....most people here, me included would have never heard of Jussi. WHo gets credit for bringing him to DU? Coach Lassonde. MAJOR success story here - tonight's scoreboard is proof positive.

anonevermore said...

Jussi rocked.

dggoddard said...

Agreed on Doremus.

Doremus had 1 goal, 1 assist and was +2. Would be my pick for player of the game.

Been a long time since DU got production from the 4th line.