Thursday, February 07, 2013

DU Hoops & Hockey On TV This Week

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DU TV Schedule This Week

Thursday, February 7
Root Sports
7 PM College Basketball: Seattle U at Denver 

Friday, February 8
Root Sports
7:30 PM College Hockey: Colorado College at Denver 

Saturday, February 9
Root Sports
4 PM College Basketball: Idaho at Denver 


David said...

Of course ROOT can't be bothered to drive the production truck down to the Springs and show a road game...

dggoddard said...

Colorado College "owns" the rights to their home games. Its up to them to televise the game.

Since college hockey doesn't attract very good ratings, schools usually have to pay the production costs to have their games on TV.

Brendan Loy said...

Apologies for interrupting CC Hate Week with more conference realignment nonsense but, um, #PANIC?

Brendan Loy said...

Let's try that again as a link: