LetsGoDU's Boone T-Shirt Giveaway

(above) LetsGoDU Blog Boone T-shirts hot off the press this afternoon
Free Boone T-shirt Giveaway
SATURDAY, March 2nd
Crimson & Gold Tavern
1-3 PM

On Saturday afternoon [1-3 PM], LetsGoDU will give away 200 FREE Boone T-shirts at Crimson and Gold Tavern at 2017 South University Ave. "Boone Squad" Alumni volunteers will hand out shirts until they run out.

Students, fans & alumni can pick up their FREE Swag on the way to the pregame BBQ/Tailgate near the lacross field, DU Lacrosse game vs. Penn [2 PM] and/or the DU Men's Basketball game against New Mexico State [4 PM].

Its the end of an era at DU and these shirts may never be available again.  A real collectors item.


dggoddard said...

Boone is scheduled to make an appearance at Crimson & Gold for a few minutes around 1 PM to pose for photos with fans.

His next stop will be the student BBQ & Tailgate in the North Parking lot near the lacrosse field.

In mid-March Boone will flying to Las Vegas for the WAC basketball Tournament.

Brendan Loy said...

I would totally love to get a t-shirt (and photos of the scene with Boone there), but my kids' naptime is 1pm. Le sigh.

anonevermore said...

Shirt looks good. Saturday sounds like a fun day for DU sports. I hope to be able to attend either the hoops or the lax game. Hoping for a Saturday sweep, between hockey, lax and hoops.

Twister said...

Will the Boone hockey jerseys and hoodies remain available for purchase after this whole mascot circus passes?

dggoddard said...

I'm sure they will.

LogoYourTeam.com is run by former DU hockey player Scotty Mathias who scored 43 goals and had 47 assists for DU in the late Eighties.

dggoddard said...

The University of Denver Mascot Task Force met again last night. No word if the frontrunners for the school mascot is still the ox, elk, miner or astronaut."

The Task Force is looking for a "Pioneer mascot that celebrates the diversity of the DU community."

The task force consists Greek Life, Athletics, the Center for Multicultural Excellence (CME), the Office of Student Life, the marketing department, student senators and the Provost.

How any major university would allow its mascot, logo or nickname's fate to be handed over to such an short-sighted group of individuals is beyond belief. Its seriously laughable.

Brendan Loy said...

At the risk of defending the anti-Boone crowd here in hostile territory :) ... I think, Damien, that you may be overemphasing the "ox, elk, miner or astronaut" in your posts about this.

As I recall, the Clarion article merely listed those as some suggestions that had been received by the Task Force, not as "front-runners." In fact, let's see...

"According to Guy, the task force has also started hearing ideas for a new mascot as well, though they are not making any official suggestions at this point. He said they have had suggestions for images such as an astronaut, gold miner, an ox and an elk."

As a former student journalist myself, I can easily imagine the conversation, with the reporter badgering the Task Force member for a list of candidates, the Task Force member emphasizing "well, it's an early stage, we don't have a list of candidates yet," the reporter badgering him some more, the Task Force member fearing that any list of examples he gives will be wrongly treated as an exhaustive list of "front-runners" ... but then, wanting to be cooperative and against his better judgment, revealing some examples of suggestions they've received. And then of course the reporter runs with that list (albeit with caveats), and readers do indeed treat that as a list of front-runners.

Perhaps those will end up being the front-runners, but I don't think we know that yet. Certainly, nothing in the article says those are the front-runners.

dggoddard said...

They didn't have to release a list consisting of an ox, elk, miner or astronaut.

But they chose to tell the Clarion they were considering an ox, elk, miner and astronaut.

So until I hear of something other than an elk, ox, miner or astronaut, I have to assume that the front runners are an elk, ox, miner or astronaut.

anonevermore said...

An elk: a sturdy animal. Bellows well. But crappy and confusing mascot.

An ox: another sturdy animal, awesome for plowing. But crappy and bewildering mascot, unless you we are changing our name to the Denver Johnny Appleseeds.

A miner: call Holland & Hart in preparation for a lawsuit by Colorado School of Mines.

An astronaut: bizarre, and has the most promise of the group. But if you thought an elk and ox are confusing mascots for PIONEERS, buckle up your space belt for some astronomical confusion with this one.

But wait...we already HAVE a mascot who represents a Pioneer, who was designed by Walt Fricking Disney, who nearly everyone likes, and who causes no identity crisis for Pioneers. But that would be too easy, right?

dggoddard said...

Can you imagine our world famous seven-time National Champion hockey team skating around with an elk, ox, miner or astronaut on the sleeves?

How about our Lacrosse team which has some of the most awesome Warrior uni's on the planet; having a piece of shit logo designed by a diversity professor on the helmet?

Jordan said...

Why do you assume the mascot they choose will be prominently displayed on every athletic uniform? I like the interlocking DU.

The only discussion right now is for a mascot, not a total rebranding.

dggoddard said...

According to the Clarion...

“We as a student task force are here because there is no mascot around which students can rally that accurately reflects the University of Denver and its identities, beliefs, traditions and what it means to be a pioneer. We shall facilitate the selection of a mascot that empowers, inspires and celebrates the diversity of the University of Denver community. Remembering our history, while pioneering our future, the new mascot will be implemented by a REBRANDING of University of Denver merchandise and marketing.”

anonevermore said...

Yeah, an elk, ox or astronaut on a hockey jersey or lacrosse helmet would make total sense for the Denver PIONEERS, and certainly wouldn't cause any WTF-type of reactions, like our red-tailed hawk did. "Denver Elk/Ox/Astronaut...but I thought they were the Denver Pioneers...why is their mascot an Elk/Ox/Astronaut? I must be totally missing something. Who am I, what am I doing here, and what happened with the Boone?"

Jordan said...

Got it, thanks for the clarification.

Though that would primarily apply to bookstore merchandise, keep in mind that athletics branding, uniforms, and merchandise is done separately from the rest of the university.

Again, let's not worry too much about the sky falling until we know more. No sense getting worked up about something that might not ever be an issue.

Brendan Loy said...

"They didn't have to release a list consisting of an ox, elk, miner or astronaut."

According to the Clarion, "they" didn't "release a list." Rather, an individual member of the task force informed the Clarion reporter that the task force "has...started hearing ideas for a new mascot," and added -- presumably in response to the reporter's question -- that
"they have had suggestions for images such as an astronaut, gold miner, an ox and an elk." Note the phrasing, "they have had suggestions." As in, those are some of the ideas that have been suggested to them, not ideas they (the Task Force) are necessarily considering as front-runners.

To emphasize this point, the Clarion states in the same sentence that, according to Guy, "they [the Task Force] are not making any official suggestions at this point." So the article affirmatively disclaims any notion of "official suggestions" from the Task Force itself.

You can assume whatever you like, but just understand that, factually, absolutely nothing has been published which would support the conclusion that the Task Force, as a body, has deemed "an astronaut, gold miner, an ox and an elk" to be the "front-runners." That's a completely unsupported assumption at this point, unless you have additional first-hand information beyond what was published in the Clarion article.

timt89 said...

I have to side with Brendan on this one. But I do think that the 'suggestions' are laughable and shows how stupid this change really is.

The bigger risk , brought about by dumping Boone, is that 'Pioneers' is at genuine risk over time of being dumped with this line of thinking. 'Pioneers' is clearly a name to recognize the Pioneers that settled the west. Fill in the rest of the blanks but the result is not pretty. Incremental social engineering at work...very sad.

dggoddard said...


According to the Clarion, "the Task Force consists of Greek Life, Athletics, the Center for Multicultural Excellence (CME), the Office of Student Life, the marketing department and the Provost."

With the Athletic Department's involvement they clearly hope to stick the image on the unis.