Westword Blog Pimps DU's Harlem Shake Video

(above) Westword's Blog pimps the Boonester's dancing debut
More publicity for DU's embattled non-official student mascot.

From: Westword
"A group of University of Denver students got a surreal lesson last week at the intersection of pop culture and political correctness, social activism and Internet memes. While filming a Harlem Shake video with DU's former mascot, Denver Boone, the group got an earful from three other students who believe that the bearded, coonskin-cap wearing pioneer symbolizes the subjugation of Native Americans in the Old West.

To read more about this story, check out "Boone Town" in this week's Off Limits. "


dggoddard said...

Coombe must be having a heart attack.

The only time DU gets any press coverage in Westword is when his banned mascot goes rogue.

old pio said...

Meanwhile, the Northwestern "Native American & Indigenous Student Alliance" has convinced the university to conduct an investigation into John Evan's role in the Sand Creek Massacre. Not entirely sure what their goal is. Perhaps renaming Evanston. I'd imagine it's only a matter of time before this baloney surfaces at DU. Perhaps we could rename it the "Multi-Culti Chapel."