2013 LetsGoDU Boone T-shirt Giveaway

(above) Denver Post photo of DU students at pregame tailgate
(above) Welcome to PioNation --- Come celebrate our history & traditions
(above) PioNation will never be defeated by East Coast Elitist Chancellors
(above) Boone tosses FREE T-shirts to his adoring fans at Lax BBQ
(above) The T-shirts were a hit at Crimson & Gold
(above) PioNation on Gameday next to lacrosse field
Free Boone T-shirt Giveaway
SATURDAY, March 2nd
Crimson & Gold Tavern
1-2 PM

1 comment:

dggoddard said...

Huge shout out to our alumni volunteers who stepped up today and represented PioNation.

Boone T-shirt Giveaway was a HUGE success.

Its an honor to support Boone and all the DU students who want our university to become the best it can be.