Denver Post: Jalen Love Steps Up For DU Hoops

(above) Freshman Guard Jalen Love has propelled DU to near the top of the WAC
From: Denver Post
by Irv Moss 

As a freshman starter for the University of Denver men's basketball team, Jalen Love is heading into three crucial games that will test his composure. 

Coach Joe Scott is confident his guard will put his best foot forward. 

The only question from teammates is whether Love's footwear will be the same two days in a row (read entire article).

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timt89 said...

A big weekend for the Pio's. With La Tech's win last night, DU will not win the WAC regular season. LA Tech is certain to make the tournament with their gaudy record. If any teams other than LA Tech or DU win the Sunbelt tournament, DU would likely go to the NIT. If we win out the regular season and lose to LA Tech in the WAC Tournament finals, we could receive a bid. Or better yet, just win the tournament.

LA Tech looked unbeatable last night against Utah State on ESPN.