DU Discounts N.I.T. Tickets To $5 Each

University of Denver Press Release

Denver Post Game Preview

NIT TICKETS ONLY $5 with PROMO CODE – DUNIT at www.denverpioneers.com/tickets. ($2 per order fee apply)

Denver will host the National Invitational Tournament 1st Round in Magness Arena on Tuesday night.  Tip-off scheduled for 7:15pm (doors at 6:15pm).  #3 Denver Pioneers will host #6 Ohio University.  

EXPERIENCE Post Season Division I Basketball with the Denver Pioneers…create a home court advantage! Reserve your seats NOW!


dggoddard said...

Hosting an event like this and getting a decent turnout is very important for the future of the program and the school.

Obviously having only two days to prepare for this and the students being away on Spring Break is going to make this a challenge.

I hope everyone who is a fan of the school and in the area will make an attempt to attend.

Larah Thomson said...

Will ask your buddy David Thomson if I can take our sons and let's see if he supports his own school, stay tuned! LT xo>

dggoddard said...


That's three seats sold.

4,997 to go. :-)

Anonymous said...

Dueling basketball games tomorrow. Who will have more people in the seats, Metro State or DU?

Anonymous said...

Not good. DU should not have put in a bid to host knowing there will be practically zero students in attendance, it makes for a bad image of the school rather than a positive one.

dggoddard said...

I'm not sure how the N.I.T. selects their teams, but they selected DU to host based on DU's attendance numbers.

Sources also said that the WAC Conference Commissioner was a strong advocate for DU in the selection process and Denver was either the final or second last at large team selected.

Its Spring Break for most/many colleges in the United States right now, so I think most schools are in the same situation.

Anonymous said...

No one "puts in to host". You are selected and seeded by the NIT committee, which is now run by the NCAA.

DU had no choice but to host.

Anonymous said...

DU students now get in free to the NIT game if they can get to Magness Box Office by 5pm and show DU ID. Joe Scott is buying the tickets for students.

Anonymous said...

The Metro State gym was almost full, top 3-5 rows and a few rows from visitors missing.